Charles of England, first speech as a king: 'Like Elizabeth, I will always be at your service'

The new sovereign spoke to his subjects on live TV, remembering his mother: 'Her life was well lived, I repeat today the promise she made at the time'. He had arrived at Buckingham Palace greeted by a crowd of people waiting. First meeting like a king also with the new prime minister Truss

 carlotv King Charles III of England, accompanied by his wife Camilla, arrives at Buckingham Palace in London Video

Shortly after 3 pm, Charles arrived in the company of Camilla at Buckingham Palace for the start of the long ceremonial that will lead him to formally take possession of the throne that was for 70 years of Elizabeth, the queen who died in the residence of Balmoral, Scotland. , at 96 years old. - video

ITEM STOPS - The highlight of the afternoon was that of the first expected speech of R Charles III to the Nation. Preceded, shortly before, by the hearing at Buckingham Palace (lasting half an hour) with the new British prime minister Liz Truss. Carlo spoke at 5 pm local time (7 pm, in Italy) remembering his mother. “All of us are saddened by this disappearance, but we share with many a deep sense of gratitude for his 70 years of reign. His was a life well lived; my mother was a source of inspiration. She made sacrifices, in the name of her sense of duty: and I repeat today the promise she made to her in her time, that of being at your service until the end of my life ”. With a steady voice and fixed gaze at the camera, the new sovereign wished that the values ​​and 'the role of the monarchy' remain strong also in the future, as happened with Elizabeth on the throne.

A BIG CHANGE - 'It is a' moment of great change for my family, I count on the love of mine beloved wife Camilla . Since we got married she has become my queen consort, I know she will live up to the role of her 'her. She then announced - but it was already foreseen by the lineage - that 'William will assume the title of Prince of Wales'. She also few words for Harry and Meghan, to whom she expressed 'my love', and then wished them to be able to continue building their life in America.

HANDSHAKES - Charles had arrived at Buckingham Palace shortly after 3 pm, and was greeted by a crowd. Before entering the Royal Palace he had stopped to shake the hands of the crowded people. Flanked by Camilla, who now becomes 'Her Majesty the Queen Consort', he had passed the hundreds of bouquets of flowers left by his subjects along the gates of the Palace and then entered the main entrance. In his arrival at the London palace, there is also an unscheduled novel: a woman hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. The woman, Jenny Assiminios, then explained: 'she looked sad, I asked him 'can I kiss her' and he replied 'yes''.