Charles of England is (already) thinking about the coronation on 2 June: this is why that date

The king rests in Balmoral, but Operation Golden Orb has already started. The ceremony will be less lavish and less expensive than his mother's. And the date is not chosen at random. Meanwhile, he tries to make peace with his son Harry. Although he and his wife ...

  The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II Charles of England is king at the age of 73 after the death of his mother Elizabeth Photo Video

The royal family is still in mourning (until Monday) and King Charles flies to Balmoral to take some rest. The past few days have been devastating for everyone, the long farewell to Elizabeth II was magnificent and sumptuous, but now we need a moment of private meditation. Operation Golden Orb, however, has already begun. It is the code name of the coronation ceremony of Charles III which will take place next year, in May or June. In particular, we bet on 2 June, the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth's coronation - Photo | video

Elizabeth of England, the funeral of the century: the most touching moments that we will not forget - guard

CORONATION LIGHT - In 1953 the UK needed a lavish ceremony to forget the hardships of World War II. The coronation of Elizabeth then cost 1.6 million pounds, the equivalent, it is estimated, of more than 50 million euros today. Carlo wants a light celebration, shorter, less pompous and above all less expensive, given the economic crisis and 10% inflation that are crushing his subjects. Furthermore, a leaner ceremony would best reflect his idea of ​​a more agile monarchy, with few members working full-time and receiving financial support from the people. Last week, according to the Mirror, the sovereign met with several religious leaders of the country (Charles is head of the Church of England) and expressed the desire to involve, during the coronation, exponents of other faiths, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists , Hindus and Jews, in the name of inclusiveness.

Kate, Meghan, Letizia Ortiz, Charlene Wittstock and all the others. Queens and princesses at Elizabeth's funeral - guard

The last photo of Elisabetta released by the Palazzo

  elizabeth-england-last-photo NO MEETINGS WITH MEGHAN - Her Majesty's greatest wish is to be able to convince Harry and Meghan to return to the Windsors. Carlo hopes that these days of mourning spent together, although not without tensions, will make the Duke of Sussex understand that his family needs him. But it will be difficult. The American press claims that Meghan requested a private meeting with Carlo, without her husband. Very unlikely circumstance, both because it would be a disgrace towards Harry, and because Carlo has already met the couple, privately, in the last ten days. Unfortunately, from what transpires, it does not seem that a reconciliation is in the air. Trust is lacking. Carlo and William fear that as soon as the Sussexes return to California (very soon) they will start talking to the press, revealing private moments from the funeral. And above all they fear Harry's book-biography which will be released at the end of the year.

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THE TOMB OF ELIZABETH - The Queen's Tomb can be visited from next week when Windsor Castle reopens to the public. 30 euros will be enough for the tour ticket. The tombstone of the monarch is very simple, in black marble, with golden inscriptions, it simply reports the names of those who are buried in the small private chapel: George VI, Elizabeth, Elizabeth II, Philip (father, mother and husband of the queen). The Palace has also published an unpublished photo of the sovereign, as she walks, handkerchief on her head, in the place she loved most in the world, Balmoral.