Charles of England is the new king: factious, naive and spendthrift. Here is who he really is and what his kingdom will be like

The instant his mother Elizabeth died, the Prince of Wales became 'automatically' the new monarch. A moment that has been waiting for a long time. Camilla will be queen consort. But the coronation could also take place in a year

  charles-england-king-dead-queen-1920 Charles of England is king at the age of 73 after the death of his mother Elizabeth Photo Video

The moment Elizabeth II died, after 70 years on the throne, her eldest son became king. King Charles III chose to call himself. The oldest in British history to wear the crown, the heir who waited the longest of all for his fate. At 73, the former Prince of Wales has the daunting task of succeeding his mother. It will be impossible for him to be as popular as she is, it will be difficult for him to leave a lasting impression with such a relatively short reign. But Charles wants to be remembered as the modern king. History will tell if it is successful. Meanwhile, he is preparing for the coronation which could, however, take place in many months, even a year - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Elizabeth of England, farewell to the queen by chance who reigned for 70 years and changed history - guard

A LITTLE NEUTRAL RE - Carlo has always made his opinion heard. If the mother kept well away from any political position, the new sovereign has an exceptional talent in meddling with everything. He is known for his 'spider letters' (from his handwriting, which looks like spider legs) to the ministers and undersecretaries to plead the causes that are dearest to him, such as the environment, agriculture, architecture, homeopathy, genetically modified foods, to name a few. 'I'm not stupid, I know that the role of the monarch is very different,' he said on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Yet few think that Carlo will change.

Elizabeth of England, from the code sentence to the sign at Buckingham Palace. What happens after the queen's death - guard

THE INGENOUS MODERNIZER - Carlo is a volcano of ideas. He often falls asleep at night on his desk with post-its stuck to his face. He notes everything, he writes a lot. He would like to reform the ceremonies of honors, eliminate the term imperial, change the names of the orders of the monarchy. He wishes to open the royal residences to the public all year round, including Buckingham Palace where he will live too if reluctantly (like he is his mother, she has never loved him). However, he is considered a spendthrift and naive. The latest scandals that hit him concerned the money accepted for his charitable foundations, sometimes huge sums were withdrawn, wrapped in shopping bags. Carlo never asked himself too many questions where the funds came from, but often men close to him used him to try to get rich, to use his name in exchange for favors. As a king, Charles will have to be very careful to surround himself with trusted people. Luckily there will be the much less naive Camilla, who after years of battles, will be his queen consort and not princess consort, as was announced after their marriage.

Elizabeth of England, the last apparition: smiling, but so thin and fragile ... - guard

A SLIMMING MONARCHY - The other fixed point of Charles III is a leaner monarchy, composed only of his heirs and a few others. William and Kate and their children will be part of it, but probably not their sister Anna and brother Edoardo. Will Carlo have the courage to put them aside? His brother Andrea will be banned forever after the pedophilia scandal, but Carlo has not lost hope for Harry. His greatest desire is to bring him back to the family, to put an end to the tensions between his two children. And who knows that mourning does not bring the prodigal son closer together.