Charles of England, the king's optimism: 'There is hope for reconciliation between Harry and William'

The first mission of the new ruler is to restore peace in the family. If the Duke of Cambridge hesitates, his brother is ready for a sensational gesture. And dad can only be happy about it

  charles-england-sons-william-harry-1920 Charles of England dreams of being able to restore peace between his sons William and Harry Photo Video

The Cold War between the Windsors and the Sussexes may have a happy ending. At least a lasting truce, even if not a real reconciliation. A source told the Daily Telegraph that King Calo saw 'considerable signs of hope' when he spoke to his son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan in the days following Elizabeth II's death - Photo | video

Charles of England, the last tears for mother Elizabeth Charles of England, the last tears for mother Elizabeth

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THE MISSION OF THE RE – “The king loves both of his sons. In the last two weeks he has understood that there is hope for the future, for the unity of the family ”, says a person close to the sovereign. Carlo would have spoken with the Sussexes on several occasions, even privately, and would have found a certain willingness on their part to lay down their arms. This is Charles III's first mission, inherited from Elizabeth: to restore peace in the family. Although many believe that the harmony shown during the funeral was only a facade, out of respect for the recently deceased grandmother. William would be the most riotous. He would not be able to forgive all the attacks of his brother and sister-in-law. But Harry is ready to make a move that was thought unthinkable just a short time ago.

William of England and Kate Middleton, first outing after the funeral – guard

STOP THE PRINT – As soon as he returned to California, Harry would have asked his publisher, Penguin Random House, to be able to edit the drafts of his biography which should be released in November. After Elizabeth's death, the Duke of Sussex is ready to give up certain very uncomfortable truths that could damage the Palace, the figure of the new sovereign and that of the future king. In the name of loving his grandmother, Harry is ready to take a step back. But it is not clear whether the publisher, from whom he has already received a 20 million euro advance (out of a total of 41), is willing to water down a memoir that he promised to be explosive. Penguin had already rejected the first version of the biography, deemed disappointing, too emotional and too focused on the duke's mental health. The publishing house, however, has not yet revealed the release date and this could work in Harry's favor.

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ARRIVA THE CROWN – Meanwhile, the Palace is preparing to parry the blows coming from the fifth season of The Crown (from November 9 on Netflix). The new episodes will focus on the marriage crisis between Carlo and Diana and on the then lover Camilla. Unpleasant memories, even if distant, that could affect the consent of the king. According to a YouGov poll conducted after Elizabeth II's death, King Charles has boosted his popularity, two-thirds of Brits think he will make a good ruler. But the 90s triangle could dampen enthusiasm. And so Buckingham Palace is determined to intervene, as it has never done before, and to correct facts and statements that are not true. Netflix-Palazzo, it will be a good fight.