Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant, the curves are already visible: the jacket pulls right there…

For the first outing after the announcement in the family, he had decided to hide everything under a coat. Now, guest of the men's fashion shows in Paris, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco reveals all. Seeing is believing

 charlotte-casiraghi-paris-fashion-week-tummy Charlotte Casiraghi at the men's fashion shows in Paris: here is the tummy Photo Video

Charlotte Casiraghi announced her third pregnancy to her family. And mom Caroline doesn't seem to have taken it well (look). Then, the first outing at the Circus Festival with his son Raphael Elmaleh and a nice overcoat to hide the first curves. But now she… she can no longer hide: that jacket she wears at Men's Fashion Week in Paris… pulls right there – Photo | video

Charlotte Casiraghi, what a splendor at the Cannes Film Festival! Charlotte Casiraghi, what a splendor at the Cannes Film Festival!

Charlotte Casiraghi, first exit after the announcement of the third pregnancy – guard

IT'S ALL TRUE – In short, Charlotte Casiraghi finally shows her three-of-a-kind roundness. She does it at the Chanel fashion show, where the princess of Monaco certainly could not miss. And if smiles are the usual (at least in front of photographers), no one could help but notice that that button on the jacket is a bit too tight. And the confirmation is served.

Charlotte Casiraghi and the last lawsuit with mom Caroline – guard

WE WAIT – Of course, as mentioned, no confirmation has come from Palazzo Grimaldi. Moreover, at the same time that another scion of the large family announced that they were expecting their first child (we are talking about Louis Ducruet – look). But the absence of denials also feeds the whole thing. And now these photos. Unequivocal. Until proven otherwise, as always.

Charlotte Casiraghi with her sons Raphael and Balthazar: 'I'll tell you about my life as a mother' - guard