Charlotte of England and Gabriella of Monaco: similar, almost identical, practically twins

The two little princesses have a lot in common. The age, the relationship with the brothers, the passion for fashion. Portrait of two mini-royals who will give great satisfaction

 charlotte-england-gabriella-monaco Charlotte of England and Gabriella of Monaco, due princessine Photo Video

There is a red, or rather pink, thread that unites the United Kingdom and the Principality of Monaco: it starts from Gabriella, the daughter of Alberto and Charlène Wittstock, and arrives in Charlotte of England, great-granddaughter of Elizabeth of England and daughter of William and Kate Middleton - Photo | video 1 | video 2

George and Charlotte of England: the moving farewell to great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth - guard

ALMOST COETANEOUS - The points in common are many, and the Spanish weekly Hello he lined them up with a certain sagacity. First of all, age: Charlotte of England, whom we will have to get used to calling Charlotte of Wales, turned seven in May, while Gabriella will turn eight in December (they are therefore six months apart).

Charlène Wittstock is back in public with Albert of Monaco and their children Jacques and Gabriella. And she even plays witty ... - guard

ADVICE TO THE BROTHERS - Both then have, towards the brothers (of the twin Jacques, in the case of Gabriella), an attitude between the protective and the 'censorious'. Charlotte has repeatedly reminded George, who is nearly two years older, of what protocol preaches (for example, she suggested that he bow as great-grandmother Elizabeth's coffin passed); Gabriella has often recalled Jacques to her order, less inclined than her to the rigidity of etiquette.

George, Charlotte and Louis of England, first day of school with mom and dad (who teach Meghan Markle a lesson) - guard

LIVELY AND CREATIVE - Alongside this slavish respect for the protocol, the two 'twins' retain a certain liveliness. Gabriella, for the first day of school, decided to cut her hair herself. And she inflicted the same treatment - a somewhat drastic cut - on her twin Jacques. Charlotte is a specialist in grimaces and tongues (she has distributed several to the participants of the King's Cup regatta). And then there is a certain passion for fashion: Gabriella imitates mom Charlène, Charlotte imitates mom Kate.

Charlène Wittstock and Albert of Monaco, big party for the sea cubs Jacques and Gabriella - guard