Checco Zalone, unauthorized portrait of the king of politically incorrect – exclusive

After the extraordinarily successful films, he now fills theaters sparking laughter and controversy. But her true masterpiece was making the man disappear in the character she embodies. As a writer and journalist who knows them both well recounts in Oggi on the newsstand

  checco-zalone-today-48 Luca Medici (alias Checco Zalone... or vice versa?) between theater and family Photo Video

It gets the best out of the worst: the dream of the endless people of shortcut enthusiasts. It is the geographical and social periphery that rises to the top, not 'despite', but precisely 'thanks to' its real and presumed defects: this is the easy explanation of the unprecedented success, in the history of our cinema and now theatre, of the 'phenomenon Zalone'. The easy answers, however, are the synthesis of many things, not always easy, but interesting to observe - Photo | video

Checco Zalone, the characters (and jokes) of his new show Checco Zalone, the characters (and jokes) of his new show

Checco Zalone, the Italian cyclone of comedy is back. And he restarts from Putin…- guard

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  !P!Oggi!IS!0048.2022!N!48 COVER!E!.pdf LUCA MEDICI IT'S NOT LIKE THIS – Luca doesn't walk like this, with the arrogant air of one who occupies the stage as if he were owned, but almost slips into spaces rejected by others and where one becomes invisible; Luca doesn't speak like that, like a dirty and coarse cleaver, but he says slowly circumspect words with 'I apologize' incorporated and shamelessly taken from the silence; he doesn't swear and doesn't make faces, because he is kind by nature, educated 'like those of the past'. If he meets him (he seems smaller, enclosed in himself), you don't recognize him. I didn't recognize him right away and he didn't say: «My pleasure, Luca Medici, aka Checco Zalone», but he began to declaim a southern-southern rigmarole. My idiotic suspended smile made it clear to him that I hadn't understood: «Oooh, you wrote it!», Gennaro Nunziante, the director of his first films, said to me, with the tone of one addressing someone who needs a wake up call. Wow: could I have imagined that he knew a piece of my Terroni by heart? We were in the park of Al Bano's house, in Cellino San Marco, in the Curtipitrizzi district: the landlord was sweating on a grill the size of a studio flat, on which shoals of fish and herds cut into pieces were sacrificed; the guest-people ate and drank: from Lino Banfi to Pierdavide Carone (whose song Lucio Dalla had just conducted in Sanremo), from Michele Placido to Luca and Gennaro, to a few writers from all over the world (that is, the six provinces of the region), politicians, entrepreneurs or 'just friends', to Boy George of the Culture Club (that nothing had Apulian origins?).

Checco Zalone, the characters (and jokes) of his new show – guard

'I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY' – In the evening the show, filmed on TV. Luca takes the stage (he had drunk Al Bano's excellent wines, which have classic names, see 'Taras', eponymous deity of my city, Taranto) and becomes Checco: «Al Bano asked me: taste this primitive, tell me what do you think. I told him: 'Take it philosophically: it sucks'. And he called him “Plato”» (primitive who is full of prizes in the world). All day, I hadn't heard a joke from him. But this is a hallmark; it's the difference between champion comedians and those... normal ones, who can't wait to tell you the joke, while geniuses keep them for the moment in which they will have to achieve the broadest result. Let me explain it better: have you noticed that there are no interviews with Checco Zalone? I asked him too: «But I have nothing to say, Pino!». You will find some for the launch of the films or the theatrical tour, but small, despite the commitment of those asking the questions. Again, the first explanation is easy: the journalist asks Checco Zalone questions, but Luca Medici replies, as inclined to hide him as Checco is to intrusiveness.

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