Chiara Francini in Sanremo: “So Amadeus invited me to the Festival. And now I have the paparazzi under my house”

The Tuscan actress finds her consecration after so much apprenticeship. You will be on the Ariston stage on Friday evening. And here she recounts the day she received a message from an unknown number

"BCT - Benevento Cinema And Television Festival" Portrait Sessions Chiara Francini will be the co-host of Sanremo on the evening of Friday 10 February Photo Video

After much apprenticeship, between film and television, Chiara Francini is preparing for the consecration of Sanremo. Interviewed by Tony Severo, Rosario Pellecchia and Romina Pierdomenico in the 105 Friends program on Radio 105, the actress recounts the moment she received the call from Amadeus and how her life has changed in the last few weeks. – Photo | video

Chiara Francini, the backstage of the exclusive report of Oggi Chiara Francini, the backstage of the exclusive report of Oggi

Sanremo Festival, Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu are the latest co-hosts: the team is complete - guard

THE CALL - Chiara Francini, multifaceted actress but with a predominant comedic tone, successful writer, will join Amadeus on the evening of Friday 10. This is how she recounts the moment in which the proposal arrived: 'I received a message from a number I didn't know, because I didn't have Amadeus' number, I received this message and I immediately thought of a joker, I called my agent and asked him 'Are you bugging me, are you?', after which I received a vowel and there dry mouth because I realized it was Ama”.

Chiara Francini: “As a girl, for everyone, I was Sister Chiara. I'm bigger inside than out

THE EXPECTATIONS - He does not hold back his joy: 'It is a consecration, I am very happy, for Italy Sanremo is the most popular, most carnal, most colorful, most magnanimous, most mammoth event and therefore I am very happy, I feel very honored and I hope to make the Italians proud, Amadeus, Gianni, everyone. I will try to be as good as possible, more fun, to give back this great joy, this gratitude that I have for being chosen'. And on the outfits with which we will see her on the Ariston stage: “Surely mine will be a look that reflects my personality. I will try to be as beautiful as possible, but it must always be something that reflects my personality, there must be a French touch'.

Chiara Francini, how much she has changed over the years! Pictures yesterday and today guard

THE PAPARAZZI AT HOME – The actress tells how her daily life has already changed: “I have three paparazzi at home, it has never happened to me. At one point I turned around and asked 'What are you doing here, how do you know where I live?'. I'm really Alice in Wonderland. Having a private life I won't say boring, but I've never had this type of attention, the interest has always been there for what I've done, theatre, books, films. I truly remained a virgin of my word”.