Children, grandchildren, noble titles, poisons and jealousies: this is the family left by Queen Elizabeth

Andrea humiliated and ousted forever, Camilla the new queen, Kate Princess of Wales as Diana, William the most powerful. While Harry and Meghan seek a balance between independence and respect for the monarchy. And it's yellow on their princes children

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From the noble titles, to the line of succession to the throne, the death of Queen Elizabeth has already changed the structure of the royal family. Some members were 'promoted', others demoted. But internal dynamics and personal relationships are also starting to change. Poisons and jealousies have intensified, William and Harry have agreed to a truce, Meghan Markle has become (almost) humble and Kate Middleton, the first Princess of Wales after Lady Diana, has shown that she has the true power of this family in her hands. - Photo | video

Kate Middleton and William of England, with Harry and Meghan it is more truce than true peace - guard

THE FOUR CHILDREN - Now that mother is gone, the third son Andrea has lost his protection. And if he still hoped, after the pedophilia scandal, to return to public life, he was brutally disappointed by King Charles III, who even banned him from wearing military uniform, yesterday for the wake in Scotland, and on other occasions as well. in the next days. He will be allowed to carry the royal navy effigies only for the vigil at Westminster Hall 'as a special sign of respect'. But in Scotland Andrea was challenged (a man yelled at him 'you are a sick man!') And Carlo knows that he cannot afford scenes of this type while he is saying goodbye to Elizabeth or during her future coronation. The position of Princess Anna, on the other hand, is strengthened. She, always next to her mother, now becomes the most trusted adviser to the sovereign who can always count on her sister, the royal who works most of all. The youngest son Edoardo has always been out of trouble and has his wife Sophie on her side, a close confidant of the queen, who has become a second daughter for her. The couple will probably have more visibility from now on.

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THE MOST LOVED GRANDCHILDREN - William, now heir to the throne, becomes not only Prince of Wales but also Duke of Cornwall and will administer the Duchy of Cornwall that his father passed to him. His wife Kate is Princess of Wales, a heavy title, which has lain dormant for 25 years. Nobody would have dared to give it to Camilla. Kate is aware of the responsibility she bears for her but she has made it known that she 'will trace her own path', she will not try to imitate Diana. The truth is that the former Miss Middleton becomes an even more powerful figure, the future of the crown weighs on her, William does not decide anything about her without her approval. Harry, who has always been jealous of his brother, was sincerely linked to his grandmother and in the name of that affection he signed a truce with his brother. But the family does not forget. And he too was forbidden to wear military uniform to bid farewell to the queen. A humiliation, which some consider cruel. Despite this, Meghan Markle also agreed to return to the family, to be next to (or almost) Kate, despite the not always enthusiastic welcome from the crowd. Too many lies she told knowing she was lying. Too many criticisms. It is yellow, on the other hand, on the title of prince and princess for the children of the Sussexes, Archie and Lilibet. They should have acquired them automatically upon Elizabeth's death. But on the Buckingham Palace site they are still 'master' and 'miss'.

Elizabeth of England, 17 days of mourning. Here are all the details of her funeral in London - guard

THE NEW QUEEN - Camilla, queen consort, just as Charles wanted. From lover and socialite to sovereign. A triple somersault, which Elizabeth herself approved, after much perplexity. Charles would never have accepted a minor title for his wife. He wants her to be the protagonist as much as he does. And although she was the most hated woman in the kingdom, now her subjects have accepted and celebrated her together with the new ruler. If William is now at peace with her father's former mistress, Harry has a very difficult relationship with her.

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PROMOTED BEATRICE - Princess Beatrice and her father Andrea have been entrusted with a delicate task: to take care of Her Majesty's dogs. But if the prince has no hope of rehabilitation, his daughter has been promoted instead. She has become a councilor of state and that she can take the place of the king in her absence. The sovereign always has five councilors, or the first five in line of succession to the throne who are over 21 years old. Excluding the children, Beatrice, ninth in line of succession, joined the council along with her queen consort, William, Harry and Andrea. Unless she is also kicked out of this role and in that case her youngest daughter Eugenie would come into play.