Christian Vieri and the dedication of love: 'Costanza Caracciolo and my daughters are my joy. Life as a womanizer is over '

'I enjoyed it, I don't deny it,' the former footballer known for his dissolute life in his youth said in an interview. But today he has no doubts, all love is for his wife and little Stella and Isabel

 vieri-caracciolo-daughters-summer-2022 Christian Vieri and Castanza Caracciolo, a summer full of love with their daughters Isabel and Stella Photo Video

Christian Vieri couldn't be happier and more in love with his family. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Bobo tells how he put his head right. The adventures as a womanizer are now a thing of the past and his attention is all for his wife Costanza Caracciolo, married in 2019, and his two girls, Stella and Isabel. 'I enjoyed it, I don't deny it, but that life is over.' - Photo | video

Costanza Caracciolo 'gets rid' of Bobo Vieri and his daughters and finally alone in the house rejoices like this - guard

DEDICATION BY CONSTANCE - For Vieri, there was never any doubt that his partner could become the woman with whom he would spend his life and with whom to start a family: 'Before I was not ready. With Coco it all happened without effort, without thinking. We found each other and after three months we decided to have a child. Five years later, here we are ”, says the bomber.

Stella and Isabel, how sweet are the daughters of Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo… - guard

THE NEW LIFE - “Our little girls taught me patience. Never been patient a second in my life. But with Coco I changed. I had just left another relationship, I lived in Miami, I said to myself: Bobo you are 44, stay alone, have some fun, go live with two or three friends. I had known Costanza for years, nothing had ever happened, then a game begins: I rate the photos she posts on Instagram. High grades. Click ”, a remote game that brought them together. “In less than two years two girls have arrived who are the greatest joy of my life, other than the goals. I will thank Coco forever for giving me such a beautiful family ”.

Bobo Vieri speaks, in Formentera with Costanza Caracciolo and their daughters: 'My days between arms and lots of love ...

BOBO FATHER - There is a lot of tenderness in the words that the former football player dedicates to his daughters, and he recognizes in that relationship a beauty that he had never experienced before becoming a father. And when asked if there might be a boy in the family, Vieri answers confidently: “I'm fine. I think Coco is fine too ”.