Ciro Grillo, the testimony of mother Parvin Tadjik and that rough chat of two years earlier

First important hearing (and behind closed doors) of the trial for sexual violence against Beppe's son and his three friends. Her mother confirms that she has not heard anything. And the prosecutor's lawyer pulls out a precedent that triggers the uproar in the courtroom

 ciro-grillo-mamma-court-1920 Parvin Tadjik in Tempio Pausania to testify in the trial against his son Ciro Grillo Photo Video

Ciro Grillo, on trial with three friends for alleged group violence against two girls on the night of July 17, 2019 in Sardinia, knew that mother's day would come sooner or later. And, as scheduled, Parvin Tadjik, second marriage wife of the founder of the Five Star Movement, showed up in the courtroom at Tempio Pausania to confirm in the closed-door audience that she, the famous night three years ago, in the house next to that of the alleged violence, with wide open windows, he heard nothing. Not a noise, not a scream or a suspicious moan - Photo | video

Ciro Grillo, the trial: everything you need to know about the group rape charge - guard

THE CHAT OF TWO YEARS BEFORE - The quiet night, also confirmed by Maria Cristina Stasia, Parvin's friend and holiday guest at the Grillo house, is of some importance. Somehow she goes to corroborate the defensive line, according to which one of the two girls (the other was asleep) would not have made clear opposition to the aggression of the boys and would have in fact consented to the group relationship. Parvin Tadjik, in a blue jacket and white blouse, at that point could have got up and left if Dario Romano, lawyer of the civil party of one of the alleged victims, had not imposed a non-program on her, to ask her about an August chat. 2017, when Ciro was in Auckland in New Zealand for a study holiday. Minor, but already quite lively, the boy had gotten into trouble. Speaking with a companion, he was angry with the vice principal. I would slap him, Grillo would have said, and 'he has two daughters I would fuck'. A teacher had heard him, disciplinary proceedings had been opened and to avoid expulsion Ciro had spontaneously returned to Italy.

Ciro Grillo, here are the chats with friends after that night - guard

ACCUSATION AND DEFENSE - His mother at the time scolded him, even harshly, but according to the lawyer Romano, the New Zealand affair is significant. According to the lawyer, it ended up in the investigation file because it would confirm the boy's attitude towards the female world and could even be configured as 'attempted sexual violence' against the daughters of the vice principal. 'If that were the case, they would have to investigate almost the entire male population,' replied Enrico Grillo and Andrea Vernazza, the boy's defenders. 'The expression is not very elegant but it certainly does not indicate a propensity for sexual violence'.