Clarissa Burt: 'Now I have a new mission, to stand up for women' – exclusive

Former supermodel, actress and entrepreneur. She is now also a writer: her book was born from the traumas suffered in the family. And exclusively on Oggi she talks (also) about her feeling that linked her to two great cinema stars. Guess who

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It almost seems that with her beauty she has something to settle: she talks about it reluctantly, and it's not for poses. Clarissa Burt, 63 years worn without artifice, explains how her battle in favor of women was born and why she drew inspiration from it to write a book, Redefine your self-worth (Eifis editor) – Photo | video

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Clarissa Burt, do you remember when she was like this? – guard

THE HOUSE IN ITALY – American from Philadelphia, in the 1980s she set up home in Italy, so much so that she was granted citizenship by President Ciampi. She found enchantment with two cinema greats: first Francesco Nuti, then Massimo Troisi. Never forgotten loves, but also a source of pain. She confessed: «I couldn't get over it. “They tell me that I am one of the most desired women in Italy, I am with you and you are cheating on me?” I am not enough, I concluded». Her sense of inadequacy has been part of her existential baggage, unexpectedly. But now she is a peaceful woman.

She was a supermodel, actress, host, entrepreneur and even had a short season in politics. How did this latest commitment of hers come about? “I've lived with women who underestimated themselves. My mother never wanted to pose for photos: 'I look bad, for heaven's sake!'. Instead grandmother, a beautiful woman, decided to lose weight and ended up in the hospital for six weeks. I myself have had self-esteem issues. My parents, educated in Catholic school, were very strict. They never told me 'you are beautiful'. And so, when I began my career in fashion convinced by some friends, I lacked the tools to face its hardships. I had also moved from the United States to Europe, with all the difficulties involved. In my work I have met beautiful and suffering women: drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships. I only relied on my physical appearance and on the appreciation of others, but I didn't think I deserved success. At 26 I faced the first great depression, then I learned from my experience and from my mistakes: now I want to put what worked for me at the service of others».

From the scrapbook. Here in Rome she lived in Parioli with Massimo Troisi, the man she called 'the great love of my life'. 'It's true. We have been together for three years, since November 1988. I was the housekeeper: I cooked, I made cakes, I took care of him. Massimo was very sweet, and habitual. He always woke up at the same time. He made coffee, read the newspaper and started writing, he wrote a lot… But there are relationships for a season and relationships for life. Obviously, the one with Massimo was for one season».

There was a story: that Troisi had conquered her by giving her wood. «We met at a dinner and I complained because, in the residence where I lived, they hadn't turned on the heating yet. “But there is a fireplace,” I said. The next day, I find a van loaded with wood and a note from Massimo at my door: 'To keep you warm'. That's more or less what he said.'

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It sometimes happened that Troisi got distracted… “It was many years ago and I love it just the same. I'm related to his family and I don't answer certain questions out of respect. Don Alfredo, his father, used to say to me: 'When I see you, I see my son'. Massimo is missing, he is missing a lot ».

With Francesco Nuti it was love in the time of Caruso Pascoski (1988). Have you any news of him? «I have no contacts, I have been living in the United States for 17 years now. I am very sad for him, for his painful condition. I remember an intelligent man full of life, he was never bored. We were already a couple before shooting the film, when it came out we weren't anymore. Just think that I bought the ticket to go and see it and I was the protagonist».

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. What kind of life does he have? “I get up very early because it's hot in the desert. Then an hour of outdoor gymnastics and then to work. I have a multimedia platform, dedicated to promoting female self-esteem. I cultivate the family: mom, sister, uncle, cousins. I am a super aunt to eight nieces. I sadly lost my brother two and a half years ago to cancer.'

Do you miss a child of yours? 'No. I've never even asked myself that. I feel a bit like everyone's mother, my vocation is to take care of myself. I deal with abused women, through the association . I took a prostitute off the street who lived with me for a while. This is my mission and you are born out of suffering. We were all beaten in the family, dad was a violent man and drank a lot. For more than twenty years, my mother has endured this toxic marriage. But women have to understand that if it hurts, it's not love.'

Does he have a partner? “No, my last story ended a year ago. That man underestimated me and I certainly couldn't stay in a demeaning relationship.'

Who is Clarissa Burt today? «A very self-confident woman, happy with the work she does and projected into the future. I want to see my book in all the countries of the world, I plan to speak at the White House and at the United Nations. I have married a cause and I am proceeding with conviction. Because I was lucky: life has given me so much and I have a duty to give something back».