Clemente J. Mimun: 'I have the world record as news director, but Mentana is the real champion'

Many anecdotes about Berlusconi plus one about Pippo Baudo. “And that time I lost 15,000 hairs”. The interview on Today at the newsstand

 clemente-mimun-mentana-interview-1920 Clemente J. Mimun: 'Mentana is like Maradona' Photo Video

“Journalism is stolen here and there. Mentana beats me because, in addition to directing Tg La7, she also knows how to conduct it. In comparison, I'm a Sambenedettese player, he's Maradona».
Thus Clemente J. Mimun in an interview with Oggi in which the director of Tg5 (since 2007) and before Tg2 and Tg1 ('Almost 30 years in total, a world record') recounts, among the many memories of his career, several anecdotes about Berlusconi of which he says: «He will never give up. On an emotional level, he pained me (the recent video, ed) because I love him very much and he didn't seem in top shape. But he will flourish again, I'm sure of it ». Mimun also recounts the Mediaset publisher Silvio and not yet a politician: given that «the lineup of Tg5 was always full of monsters and crimes, one March 21st he asked Mentana: “Couldn't you remember that today is the first day of spring?”» – photo | video

Enrico Mentana loses his voice during i titoli del tg e… Enrico Mentana loses his voice during i titoli del tg e…

Enrico Mentana, his partner Francesca Fagnani speaks: “THE first kiss? In the elevator

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 !P!Today!IS!0022.2023!N!22 COVER SEREDOVA!E!.pdf “EVERYONE FELT MONTANELLI OR BIAGI” – On his past in Rai he recalls that Letizia Moratti, a Berlusconian at the time, as president of Rai tried to take away Tg2 from him: «Pippo Baudo at that time ran the company alone, his bust should be in viale Mazzini, instead of Francesco Messina's Dying Horse, he urged me 'If you have the balls, don't give in'. I swore to him: I'll quit one day after she's gone. She was kicked out and I stayed for another six years.' And on the difficulties in the editorial office he says: «It was four years of Vietnam. They whispered to Oscar Luigi Scalfaro that I had cut his speech on the 'clinking of handcuffs'. False. I had to threaten to chain myself to the Quirinale. The President received me. I brought him the videotape: everything was there, including breaks. In the meantime, I lost 15,000 hairs». And on Tg1? «Apart from Vincenzo Mollica, there he was full of maître à penser who thought only of making their own cabbage. They all felt like Montanelli, Biagi or Bocca. Other than accidents with the Rolex! Those had the Patek».

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