Coma Cose: “We said goodbye, only to meet again. In Sanremo we will make you cry”

After having recounted their love in a light-hearted way with 'Fiamme negli occhi', the duo, a couple in life and in work, returns to the Ariston stage with an intimate song that tells of a profound crisis. But possible to overcome

  comacose-sanremo-2023 Coma_Cose are competing at the Sanremo festival with 'Addio' Photo Video

'Now that we've done the first test, I'm starting to feel a little anxious.' On the stage of the 73rd edition of the Sanremo festival, the Coma_Cose, the duo of life and work, made up of Fausto Zanardelli and Francesca Mesiano, are back. After the success of 2021 with Flames in the eyes , the couple tries again with the song L'a no . An intimate and delicate song in which the difficulty of passing love is faced, the need to move away to find oneself. “We'll have to cry”, they joke when we reach them on the phone. – Photo | video

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Is it less scary to participate in Sanremo for the second time?
«It is a place we know, of which we have already experienced the backstage and the stage. But the excitement remains: there is still to work and the unknowns remain. Once the song starts, you have to hope that everything goes well and that it reaches people».

What memory do you have from 2021?
'We were happy with the experience. Flames in the eyes has made its way. We wanted to tell our relationship, our complicity in a light-hearted way. But that was the Covid edition, the audience consisted of an audience of balloons. It will be very different this year with real people listening to us.'

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'L'addio', the song with which you are competing, tells of a couple crisis, yours.
“We decided to move away for a while. Sometimes it's normal to stop and wonder where you're going. If you are in the right place, with the right person, if you are going towards the goals you set for yourself. Simply put, we had a crisis. When we got back together, we tried to tell this experience. A pure, fragile, intense song came out, in which we hope others can see themselves again ».

What have you learned from this moment of distance?
'That one can live together even without possessing oneself'.

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Your relationship with the public also passes through the look and the performance. What should we expect on the Ariston stage?
«We always try to convey an image even through clothes and small gestures. The outfits will be coordinated, while we're doing the latest rehearsals on the performance in these days. Let's see what comes out.'

Which other artists of this edition are you curious to see on stage?
«Anna Oxa, a very intense singer and interpreter. Rosa Chemical, an unpublished artist for the festival and we are sure she will do a new and colorful performance. And then, Levante that she is a friend ».