Corrado Guzzanti, Paola Barale and the other famous ones: a calendar for children with cancer

Twelve celebs for twelve months for a good purpose: it's '365 hugs', the Linfoamici calendar that helps young patients suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia

  calendar-lymphoamici-1920 Corrado Guzzanti and Paola Barale (but not only) on the Linfoamici calendar Video

Twelve months, 12 shots, 12 children healed. And again 12 donors and 12 celebrities. The '365 hugs' calendar, organized by the non-profit organization Linfoamici which supports patients suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia, is the triumph of love. In the foreground the happy faces of the little warriors who have defeated cancer, and with them excellent godfathers and godmothers: Corrado Guzzanti, Paola Barale, Simona Cavallari, Greta Scarano, Serena Iansiti, Enrica Pintore, Clizia Fornasier and Attilio Fontana, Chiara Baschetti, Fabio Fulco, Stefano Fresi, Angelo Spagnoletti. Plus the Roman photographer Piergiorgio Pirrone, also affected by the disease in the past, who with sensitivity and magic was able to capture the smile of rebirth. We, the healthy, do not know how much suffering is hidden behind an ominous diagnosis. Anna Milici, 43, president of Linfoamici, who was attacked by cancer twice, experienced it firsthand. And she defeated him twice. “I wanted to make sense of pain and fear,” she says, “even at the cost of reliving them a little each time. But it is nothing compared to the hope, the comfort and the testimony that I am able to give to those who, today, have nothing but this' - video

Behind the scenes of the Linfoamici calendar Behind the scenes of the Linfoamici calendar

  Unknown-3 MOMMA TITTI'S TALE – Titti Frenna, Federico and Renato's mother, tells the story of an ordeal that ended in recovery: «The personal journey of pain, fear and hope begins unexpectedly on July 16, 2020, when the doctors inform us that our little Federico, of only 7 years old, has acute myeloid leukemia. Immediately hospitalization, in order to begin cycles of chemotherapy, poison on poison, massive doses of toxic drugs administered almost continuously, as required by the protocol, and interspersed with long periods of support therapy. Then immunosuppression, with opportunistic parasites attacking Federico: and here are the infections, germs, viruses, the allergic reaction to platelet transfusions, anaphylactic shock. October, November and partly December 2020 were devastating: pure, non-stop suffering, where we feared the worst. On January 19, 2021, the leukemia seemed to have recovered and Federico and I finally returned home. But the subsequent, constant and ever closer marrow re-evaluations show the presence of cancerous cells in the body: the disease was on the rise, therefore hospitalization was necessary again. Federico continues to fight and I beside him. This time a bone marrow transplant is needed. Thank God Renato, my eldest son, has the same one, so we get ready. Other interminable cycles of chemotherapy begin, with supermaximal doses of immunosuppressant drugs.

“THANKS TO THE LORD FOR WHAT HE HAS GIVEN US” – «For the entire month of November 2021», continues Titti Frenna, «Renato does not leave the house, does not see anyone, does not go to school and does not practice sports. The stem cell transplant is scheduled for December 1, 2021. On November 30, Renato goes to hospital, proud and happy to be able to save the life of his beloved brother. Federico thus receives the marrow and anxiously waits to be able to resume his life. Today, one year after the transplant, we can thank the Lord for what he has given us. Federico never stops for a moment. Also because, as he himself says, he has to make up for two years of life ».

HELP IN PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGICAL DEPARTMENTS – For those who wish, the calendar can be purchased on , at a cost of 12 euros. The proceeds from the sale are aimed at raising funds to organize recreational activities within pediatric oncological departments. Finally, thanks to Massimo Polese (make up artist), Alessio Viscontini (hair stylist), 8G Studio (location), Giuseppe Zaccaria and Diletta Bonnie of Zaccaria Communication. And of course Piergiorgio Pirrone, author of the shots. Long live Lymphamici, long live life.