Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri in crisis: this is how things really are

They are one of the most active couples on social media. It was enough that for a few weeks they didn't post (or tag) anything anymore to alarm the fans. And the former Velina reveals to Oggi what is happening

 bobo-vieri-costanza-caracciolo-daughters-1920 Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo with their daughters Isabel and Stella: a wonderful family Photo Video

Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri have not appeared together on social networks for some time. No snapshots that 'certify' their love online. That was enough to agitate the couple's fans who shouted at the crisis between the two. Also because it's really new: until a few weeks ago, not a day went by that they posted pictures of their wonderful family. While now… – Photo | video

Stella and Isabel, how sweet the daughters of Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo… Watch the private video Stella and Isabel, how sweet the daughters of Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo… Watch the private video

Christian Vieri: “Costanza Caracciolo and my daughters are my joy. The life of a womanizer is over

BETWEEN MANY COUPLES THAT BREAK OUT… – Reached by Oggi, Costanza Caracciolo smiles: 'It's true that it's a time when famous couples explode, but by cuckolding between my husband and I, everything goes very, very well'. And she adds: “This is the other side of social networks. The most insidious side of the reality of the Net: transforming by subtraction a reality of serene life into an alleged relational disaster. Just don't post a photo for a handful of weeks with the man you love to give life to fanciful assumptions ”. And she is not happy: “Never as in this period has the love between me and my man been so firm and accomplice. He will mean that I will hit wood… ”.

Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri (a little clumsy), with their daughters Stella and Isabel on the snow – exclusive

BOBO'S WORDS – “Do you know what the truth is?” concludes Costanza Caracciolo. “It is that in the last month I have been totally absorbed in my work. I started a very demanding entrepreneurial adventure (he created a cosmetic brand for hair and will soon launch the second line on the market, ed) and my life is a swing between long meetings and commitments with my, our two daughters'. On the other hand, even Christian Vieri only last August had confessed to Corriere della Sera 'With Costanza I have changed. I've known her for years, nothing had ever happened, then I started a game, I rate the photos she posts on Instagram, high ratings. I have matured. Difficult to explain how you realize you're ready for a stable relationship and children. I'm just fine with Coco. I do not need anything'. And after five years, here they are again.