Covid, how should we prepare for autumn?

The virus continues to circulate. And the infections could increase after the resumption of work and school. Here are some tips to protect your health

 Virus variant, coronavirus, spike protein. Omicron. Covid-19 An illustration of a variant of the Coronavirus Photo Video

We are approaching autumn in an unfavorable situation. The descent of the fifth wave has stopped and the circulation of the virus remains very high; the population at risk of serious disease without third or fourth dose is very large; viral circulation will increase with the resumption of work activities, the reopening of schools, the increased attendance of closed places and the forfeiture of the obligation to wear a mask on public transport from 30 September.
Although Centaurus has been around for almost three months without becoming prevalent, there is concern about the absence of an autumn-winter plan that should be based on 5 pillars of WHO Europe: increasing vaccination coverage with three doses in the general population; offer the fourth dose to people at risk 120 days after the third; use masks indoors and on public transport; ventilate crowded public spaces; apply rigorous therapeutic protocols for people at risk of serious illness. In the absence of certainty about the operating times of the new executive, we risk finding ourselves in the middle of the autumn season chasing the virus for the umpteenth time, compromising the health and life of the most vulnerable, as well as delaying health care for patients with other pathologies.

President of the GIMBE Foundation