Cristiana Capotondi surprise: 'My daughter was born, but it is not Andrea Pezzi ...'

The actress gave birth to Anna on September 16th. but she waited until today to make the announcement. Also because she wanted to accompany him with a second piece of news. Which is a bolt from the blue (apparently) serene

 christian_capotondi_becomes_a_mom_1920 Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi had told the fans about the expectation of their daughter... Photo Video

Cristiana Capotondi, double surprise announcement: the birth of her daughter and... the father who is not Andrea Pezzi! The couple, who had been together for 15 years, split several months ago. And long before the birth of the little girl, who came to light on September 16 last year. But the actress waited until today to give the happy announcement. Also because it is accompanied by the second, far more surprising… – Photo | video

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Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi, the announcement of the pregnancy - guard

“ANNA WAS BORN ON SEPTEMBER 16, BUT…” – So, Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi are no longer together. After 15 years of love. And the daughter that the actress had is not from the former conductor, now an entrepreneur. 'Andrea and I have been separated for more than a year and a half, but I asked him to be by my side for the birth of my daughter,' says Capotondi herself. “Anna was born on Friday 16 September,” continues the actress. “The birth of my daughter is an immense joy that I am happy to share today. When I discovered that I was expecting a child from another person, my 15-year long relationship with Andrea Pezzi had already been interrupted for several months. Despite this, it came natural for me to seek Andrea's protection and complicity, so strong is our affection and bond. Thanks to Andrea for taking us by the hand up to here. We will be forever grateful to you. I also thank all those who, despite knowing, have respected our privacy and those who, starting today, will choose to do so'.

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Andrea Pezzi also wanted to tell how things are between him and his (ex) partner: 'After 15 years together, at the beginning of summer 2021, Cristiana and I decided to separate without communicating it to take all the time to calmly rearrange our lives. When, at the beginning of this year, Cristiana discovered that she was expecting a child, even though I was not her father, she asked me to stay by her side in the long and delicate phase of her pregnancy. She wanted to protect such an important moment. Today more than ever, all my admiration and esteem goes to Cristiana”. Waiting for new developments…

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