Cristiano Malgioglio and the encounters of a lifetime: 'Because of my diversity I have suffered so many humiliations'

The encounters with the greatest artists, the effort to make people accept his diversity, the breaking of taboos, the near death and the next debut as a host in Rai. In memory of her friend Raffaella Carrà and her latest gift

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In a small town in Salento, not far from Dame Helen Mirren's retreat, Cristiano Malgioglio spends some vacation remnants between one stop and another of his tour, which this summer will also take him to Greece and Macedonia - video

The title of the tour is a tribute to Raffaella Carrà. «It's called“ Forte forte forte ”, like one of the many songs I wrote for her. Every night I sing my hits from the last few years and at some point the Carrà moment arrives, with a song called Raffaella . I discovered it by chance, it's from a Spanish group and it's very nice. I would like it to become the acronym of my new program ».

You were one of the last people to speak to Carra. “Shortly before his disappearance he phoned me. I hadn't heard from her for a long time, and like everyone else, I knew nothing of her illness. She was very affectionate, she said to me: “Christian, you remain as you are. When you arrive, the TV changes color ”. I was very impressed with that compliment, and for several days I kept wondering why. Then came the tragic news of her disappearance, and then I understood: that phone call had been her farewell gift '.

Next December he makes his debut as a host on Rai 3 with Mi casa es tu casa, a Spanish format of interviews that Raffaella Carrà himself had brought to Italy, with the title A narration begins you. «Raffaella had adapted the format to her personality, and I will do the same. The credit goes to the director Stefano Coletta, who thought of me after many years of career. He will receive guests at my house for a chat full of fun and irony. Tears and pain will be banished ».

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You made your TV debut in the 1970s. Why did they wait so long to give her a program? 'I wondered too, and the truth is that my character has long been considered uncomfortable: I was out of the ordinary and too ahead of my time.'

Is it true that when he entered the record companies, all doors suddenly closed? 'Yup. They were afraid of me, even though I knew that sooner or later those doors would open wide. I had flashy shirts, bell-bottoms, wedges, an incredible mass of hair and a David Bowie make-up. . Once I had to attend Sunday In , and I arrived in the studios with a colored shirt that singer Asha Puthli had given me. Corrado as soon as he saw me sent me to change. For me it was a terrible shock ».

His songs were the first to explicitly describe physical passion, just think of The important thing is to finish and still still sung by Mina. «My way of writing was different from everyone else: sensuality and physicality were told in a very explicit way, as no one had done yet. When he came out The important thing is to finish , in 1975, the scandal was enormous. The song came first in the charts, and at the radio hit parade they said the title but didn't let it be heard because it was considered almost red light. Three years later, another scandal with Still still still : in the video Mina, sensual as only she knows how to be, was licking her lips. I also like to remember that in 1974 I sang the first Italian song with the word 'gay' in the title: The Gay Guys , together with Dori Ghezzi ».

His is also one of the first songs on female autoeroticism: I made love to me, sung by Amanda Lear. «I wrote the text on Giuni Russo's music. Everyone has said that it is a song about self-eroticism, I prefer to say that it is a song about self-love '.

Among her admirers was director Fassbinder, who wanted her for Querelle de Brest. “Fassbinder had seen my photos in a newspaper, he wanted me in the part of a homosexual sailor. When I told my mother she was very upset. Those were other times, I was afraid of the consequences on my career, and so reluctantly I declined ».

On television when was the turning point from the bulky guest Malgioglio to today's well-liked character? «I have to thank Massimo Giletti who in Rai House 1 it allowed me to ask uncomfortable questions to famous people; Carlo Conti chemi 'cleared customs' bringing me in prime time on Rai 1 with I recommended ; and Piero Chiambretti who made me do anything in his programs, even the siren with a lot of tail. I also love working with Fabio Fazio and Amadeus ».

A few years ago, before participating in Big Brother Vip, he was in danger of life. «I was leaving for Brazil for the launch of the song I fell in love with your husband , and I discovered what looked like a mole on one leg. For the sake of scruple, I went to have it checked the same day by Professor Santo Raffaele Mercuri, head of dermatology at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. It was a melanoma, I underwent an emergency operation. If I had left for Brazil and had postponed the check, things would have been different. Since then, I never tire of recommending everyone to be very careful about exposing themselves to the sun, and only with adequate protection. Have your moles mapped and undergo a
annual check-up can save lives ”.

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What is your biggest wish today? 'Spending more and more time in Cuba, where I have many friends, from writer Miguel Barnet to singer Omara Portuondo, who at the age of 92 duet with me on my new album Place , together with two other girls like Orietta Berti and Iva Zanicchi. In Cuba, at the airport, I met Gabriel García Márquez. He was very affectionate, showered me with compliments, and sent me three of his books with dedications to Milan. On the first page of One Hundred Years of Solitude he had written: 'With all my admiration' '.

In his home safe there is the definitive version of his first book, a text worthy of the Fifty Shades, indeed much more sophisticated. 'I just finished it and will publish it in the next few months. It is a collection of letters that I have sent to myself from all over the world, in which I tell without beating about the bush the many love encounters I have had in my life. It will be a book in which the word 'modesty' is banned ».

How's it going with her Turkish boyfriend that none of us have ever seen? 'Everything is fine thank you. In reality, I recently fell in love with another person, who, however, does not know it yet '.
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