Cristiano Ronaldo against everyone: the explosive interview that could end his career: 'They betrayed me'

CR7 is at the World Cup in Qatar with his national team. But he lets himself go to revelations that cut ties with Manchester United. And his companions remain frozen with him. Here because

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Cristiano Ronaldo against everyone. He shot zero in an interview so explosive that the anticipations alone caused an earthquake. Coach Erik ten Hag said he doesn't want to see him again. His former team-mates criticize him and in a video in the Portugal dressing room Bruno Fernandes, captain of United almost refuses to shake his hand - Photo | video

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THE INTERVIEW - The interview granted to Piers Morgan, TV star with millions of followers on social media, had a first preview of the Sun . And the champion didn't mince words: ' Manchester United betrayed me, I don't respect ten Hag because he showed no respect for me. The club tried to force me to leave, not just the manager but everyone around the club and I felt betrayed. I feel that some people don't want me at United anymore, not just this year but also last season. I became the black sheep and they didn't have any empathy even when my daughter was sick'. The full version of his bombshell statements will be broadcast today and tomorrow: 90 minutes of fire. But this has already unleashed hell, with the coach, the club, teammates and fans.

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NEW PREVIEWS- But that's not enough. In the new excerpts of the interview that have been released, the Portuguese champion speaks of the pre-season, when he deserted the tour in Thailand and Australia. On the other hand, her Georgina Rodriguez had lost one of the twins in April and at three months old, little Bella Esmeralda had been hospitalized for bad bronchitis. Ronaldo says: “I spoke to the sporting director and the president of Manchester United when my daughter was ill. It was like they didn't believe my words, and that made me feel bad. They listened to me, but it was clear that they doubted my words, that my daughter had big problems, that Georgina was feeling bad for her. That's why I didn't leave for the tour: as a father and as a husband I couldn't leave my family at that moment. Not for the pre-season.'

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THE FORMER COMPANIONS - He also has it for coach ten Hag: “I have no respect for him because he hasn't shown respect for me. And if he doesn't show me respect, you will never get mine ”. He knows very well that the years take their toll and that he can no longer be the ace he was before, but he didn't expect to spend most of his time on the bench. And to his ex-mates Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney who criticize him on TV and newspapers today, he replies in kind: “Wayne I don't understand why he criticizes me. Maybe he's jealous because I'm still playing at a high level and he quit at 30. I won't say I'm prettier than him, which I am.' As for Neville, “It's hard to hear all that criticism from people who've played with you. Like Gary. People may have their own opinion, but they don't know what happens in training or in my life. They should also listen to my point of view. It's easy to criticize, I don't know if for their work on TV they have to criticize to be more famous. I think they take advantage of my name because they are not stupid. I'm the most followed person on the planet, it's no coincidence. I know I have to accept criticism and praise, but it's not nice to hear such heavy criticism from people who have been in a locker room with you. It's a bit disappointing. Rooney in particular. Six months ago, a year at most, he came to my house to pick up his children and invited my son to go and play football at his house. I really don't understand people like him. Maybe they want to be on the cover of a newspaper, or they're hoping to get a new job. Neither he nor Neville are my friends. They were colleagues, we played together, but I certainly won't go to dinner with them'.

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AGAINST THE GLAZERS - But that's not enough. Because CR7 directly attacks the ownership of the team, the Glazer family: “They don't care about the team. At least not in the sports part. Manchester United is a club that makes them money thanks to marketing, but they don't care about the sporting part and they give all the power to the president and sporting director. I haven't spoken to them since I got back.' And he adds: “At United it is as if time has stopped. In terms of technology and structures, nothing has changed. Not even the gym or Jacuzzi, not even the cooks. I found the same things as when I was 22-23 years old”. And he urges the fans: “They should know the truth, know that the players want the best for Manchester United, that I want the best for Manchester United and that's why I'm back, because I love this club. But fans should also know that there are situations within the club that prevent them from reaching the top level, where they are City, Liverpool and now Arsenal too. It's tough, it's going to be tough for United to be at the top in the next 2-3 years.' After such an outburst, it is certain that the champion will leave. Where, no one knows: too many names right now. But nothing is certain: it all happened in an instant.

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