Damiano Carrara and his wife Chiara Maggenti, the honeymoon is… around the world!

The pastry chef and judge of Bake Off Italia and the manager of her husband's Atelier treat themselves to a dream honeymoon: from the lavender fields, to the lions of Botswana, to the crystalline sea of ​​the Maldives

 damiano-carrara-chiara-maggenti-luna-miele Damiano Carrara and Chiara Maggenti, all the images of the honeymoon Photo Video

Damiano Carrara and Chiara Maggenti have finally crowned their dream with their fairytale wedding in July ( guard ). And now, here is the honeymoon, which has all the flavor of a real world tour: from South Africa to the Maldives, the pastry chef and his dessert (it should be said ...) half enjoy it like few others - Photo | video

Damiano Carrara, the wedding of the pastry chef with Chiara Maggenti can only be very sweet - guard

DOUBLE TRIP AFTER MARRIAGE - They had postponed the wedding twice due to the Covid 19 pandemic and managed to celebrate it on July 9 in Lucca. Magical wedding told on social networks and in a special by Real Time where the pastry chef is among the judges with Ernst Knam and Tommaso Foglia from the program BakeOff Italia , talent led by Benedetta Parodi.

Damiano Carrara, what a super wedding dress that of the mgolie Chiara Maggenti! - guard

SNAPSHOTS OF HAPPINESS - For the honeymoon, the couple had to wait exactly one month, but immediately after the ceremony the charming pastry chef gave his wife a romantic weekend in Provence. A quick escape of love among the lavender fields to recover from the stress of the super wedding. The dream came true in early August when the couple left for a tour between South Africa and Botswana. After landing in Johannesburg, they left for the Chobe National Park, in the North-West of Botswana, for a photographic “hunt” of the big five: lion, leopard, rhino, African elephant, African buffalo. And immediately after the helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta, the second largest inland river delta in the world. And after the effort of the safari here they fly to the Maldives where they stayed in a suite overwater , an apartment on stilts on a sea among the most beautiful in the world. And between aperitifs at sunset, intimate dinners, swimming in the sea and in the sun, it is already time to return.

Damiano Carrara and Chiara Maggenti, the marriage had been postponed ... - guard

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