Damiano David and Victoria De Angelis: friends and fellow adventurers, portrait of the two leaders of the Maneskin

They make young people sing and dance on both sides of the ocean. But who are really the histrionic Damiano, the gritty Victoria, Thomas the shy and Ethan the guru? And do you want to see that the secret to success is a true friendship that goes beyond money and fame?

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The rain falls on the Måneskin. Not from the sky but from a cistern, as is done in the cinema. It happened a few weeks ago at Villa Tittoni, in the heart of Brianza, where the video of The Loneliest , the piece by Måneskin today topping the charts in 28 countries. Tommaso Ottomano, the director, shoots one of the highlights of the video, which is set during a funeral – Photo | video

The Maneskins conquer (also) Mexico like this The Maneskins conquer (also) Mexico like this

Maneskin, Damiano David incognito at the stadium: come on Rome! – guard

THE VIDEO CLIP OF THE LONELIEST - At one point, the four boys have to carry a coffin on their backs. Damiano, Ethan and Thomas are between 1.85 and over 1.90 tall. Victoria is petite, so it is difficult to hold the coffin up and symmetrically. «It was tragicomic: all dressed in mourning, with outbursts of laughter. In the end, after 20 takes, we made it», says Ottomano. Tuscan from Porto Ercole, 32 years old, photographer and musician, screenwriter and director, much in demand by the big fashion houses, Ottomano dei Måneskin has also become a friend. «They are intelligent and calm, and I know about madmen and stars: last year I shot a campaign with Mike Tyson! The extraordinary thing is that four very mature and professional personalities were formed inside the body of four twenty-year-olds». No delays, no tantrums. The most thoughtful and serious is Damiano. The most heated and energetic is the bassist Victoria. Together with Thomas (guitar) and Ethan (drums) they started playing on the streets of Rome in 2015 and in a few years they have achieved unprecedented results for an Italian band: according to the spokesmen, we are at 6 billion plays on the various platforms of music streaming. Now they are preparing to resume the repeatedly interrupted and postponed (before the pandemic and the war after) Loud Kids Tour which from October 31st will see them perform in the United States before returning to Italy on February 23rd 2023, and from there touching all Europe.

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David of Maneskin, love holidays in Puglia - guard

DAMIANO – Provocative clothing and poses, especially live on stage, Damiano is an actor who overwhelms and seduces. Offstage, he seems made of a completely different stuff. He confirmed it a few days ago with a sad and tender post to announce his grandfather's passing. «You took me in that Fiat 500 wherever I needed to go… and until the last second you bragged about being “the singer's grandfather”. You made me laugh, a lot, but today you also make me cry a little...'

Damiano dei Maneskin, the farewell letter to his grandfather – laws

THE GOOD GUY – He is a good boy who is very close to his parents, two flight attendants who also have another son, Jacopo, three years younger than Damiano. Well before starting to win everything (Sanremo, Eurovision and so on) the Måneskin had already made themselves known locally. Truth be told, they were born winners. Their first participation, a competition for Roman school bands, the 'Pulse High School Band Contest' in 2016, ended in triumph. From the beginning Damiano was the author of the texts, the 'thinker' of the group and also the one most willing to expose himself. He did it by shouting 'Fuck Putin' against the war in Ukraine from a stage, he did it again recently by commenting on the electoral victory of the center-right on social media. There is Damiano in the idea of ​​someone drowning in The Loneliest : While going scuba diving, as a boy, he once feared that he might actually drown. There is a friend or in any case a girl known by Damiano in the words of Coraline , story of a victim of anorexia.
Speaking of girls, the Måneskin frontman, one of the most desired guys around, has had the same girlfriend for four years: Giorgia Soleri. They spend the holidays as a couple, not with band members. The Måneskin's success overwhelmed her too. For her good: her popularity has increased a lot: 740,000 followers on Instagram, companies that court her to advertise products, invitations to the red carpets of film festivals.

Giorgia Soleri in Beijing Express, unleashed web: “What will you do with your illnesses?

THE INFLUENCER FIDANCE – As much Damiano is silent and discreet, as Giorgia is active. She ignites social campaigns, the best known of which concerns raising awareness of the diseases she suffers from: vulvodynia and fibromalgia. He always supports her. Twenty-six years old, three more than Damiano, Giorgia is an influencer and poet ('the word poet is sexist', she says), she has a sinuous body covered in tattoos. One of them says «I can do everything». Last spring, she released a volume of poetry that went on to be a bestseller. It contains erotic poems and one cannot but think that the beloved man it speaks of is Damiano. If the Måneskin were to break up, at least someone will blame her, the Yoko Ono of this generation.

VICTORY – Victoria De Angelis, the bassist, belongs to this generation. From her came the name of the band: Måneskin is a Danish word that means 'moonlight'. Victoria's mother Jeanette was Danish. She fell ill with cancer and passed away when her daughter was only 15 years old. The girl's answer to reacting to this early pain has always been music. She was eight years old when she started studying guitar, then she continued by attending middle school in music. From there she started studying the bass, which became her main instrument. In high school she met Thomas Raggi and together they decided to start a band. Victoria already knew Damiano and it was she who nominated him as singer for the group. Victoria has always been very determined in wanting to make music a profession, not a hobby.

Maneskin, Damiano go further: Victoria is the real star in Chile – video

PRIVATE LIFE IS TOP SECRET – No love affairs are known to her, no boyfriends (or girlfriends) are attributed to her, at least for now. She has a dog named Chili and, at most, she is occasionally paparazzi with Alessandro, her father. He's always been the one to accompany her to auditions, concerts, even to her hairdresser. Simone Bartorelli, a Roman hair stylist, tells us who met Victoria before the Måneskin arrived at XFactor 2017. «She was 17 and wanted to change her hairstyle and revitalize her hair, burnt by the wrong color, in view of the television adventure that waited. She wanted a rock look, which reflected her determined character and her music ». After two sessions, the layered cut with bangs was born, now inseparable from the image of Victoria and widely imitated by her peers. 'She continued to come here for another six months, then she entrusted the hair stylists who follow the look of the whole band,' says Bartorelli. «But every time you go back to Rome, you come to see me. Always after eight in the evening, however, when the customers have all left. Between one chat and another, I take out the scissors and trim her bangs».

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