Dancing with the stars, wickedness doesn't pay (not even in ratings)

The judge first lashes out with the competitor Dario Cassini, then with her colleague Carolyn Smith: is the journalist now a victim of her own character? And in the end, a new competitor arrives as a surprise: Wanda Nara

  dancing-stars-5-bet-wanda Dancing with the stars, Selvaggia Lucarelli continues to argue with everyone Photo Video

The fifth episode of Dancing with the Stars is confirmed as yet another Lucarelli show. But the quarrels and the gratuitous aggression of the judge are starting to tire even the spectators, as shown by the auditel data which continue to reward Maria De Filippi with her You are worth it . New victims of the clashes are former friend Dario Cassini and the other juror Carolyn Smith (while, who knows why, Lucarelli's partner, Lorenzo Biagiarelli, continues to be immune to negativity). Is Lucarelli now too much inside his character? - Photo | video

Selvaggia Lucarelli quarrels with Dario Cassini on Dancing with the Stars Selvaggia Lucarelli quarrels with Dario Cassini on Dancing with the Stars

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AGAINST CASSINI – After Dario Cassini's performance, the judge reveals a rather shady background. The competitor would have called her to ask her to be deliberately severe in her judgment in order to fuel instrumental controversies and thus increase the popularity of the character: 'Tonight, at 6.30 pm, my phone rings and it was you - says Lucarelli - what about 'Hi Selvaggia, look, I wanted to tell you that what I do and say is all fake, in reality I need it for my character. You give me light, so tonight give me 3 because it really is useful to me. None, in seven years of dancing with the Stars , he never allowed himself to call me and tell me what to say. You even anticipated the jokes you were going to tell me and told me what to answer”. The person concerned confirms the call and apologizes, saying he is ready to take a step back if the program management deems it necessary.

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AND THEN IT'S TOO CAROLYN SMITH'S TURN – Luisella Costamagna performed with a brace after the injury in which she was involved. A decision that many jurors considered positive, appreciating the effort. All except Lucarelli, of course. The journalist says that she is unable to judge Costamagna like the others, thus assigning her a low grade. Her move that she did not like, especially from the other juror Smith who, after expressing her opinion of her, started a spat with her colleague. “I was polite and let you talk. Let me talk too.' “You have never had education towards me since Dancing with the Stars started, so stay calm. You and education are really two different worlds”. “We are talking about dance, I have some more experience. I've been doing Dancing with the Stars since 2007,” concludes Smith, but the tension remains evident.

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THE ONLY ONE WHO IS SAVED – The controversy around Selvaggia Lucarelli's boyfriend, Lorenzo Biagiarelli, among the competitors competing in the dance show, does not subside either. Also because he seems to be the only one exempt from the judge's criticisms. This is pointed out by Dario Cassini. 'Do you really think that I judge you severely to disguise my conflict of interest with Lorenzo?' Asks the juror. “Not exactly, but I'm not far away. If my son were enrolled in a soccer tournament, I wouldn't be a referee,” he replies. 'It was we who invited Lorenzo and we invited Selvaggia', explains Milly Carlucci, motivating the conflict of interest which in any case remains evident.

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NEW FOR THE PROGRAM - Among the news of the evening, there is also the arrival of the 'dancer for a night' Wanda Nara, who performs a bachata together with the Caribbean dance world champion Antonio Berardi. Mauro Icardi's ex signs the contract live to officially become a competitor in the next edition of the talent show.

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