Dani Alves, the shocking story of the young woman who accuses him of rape. And the first days in the cell

The footballer was fired by the Pumas. He would provide three different versions. In prison, meetings with a doctor, lawyer and psychologist. Bail request denied. He risks 12 years in prison

  Dani Alves Dani Alves is accused of having committed sexual abuse in the night between 30 and 31 December Photo Video

What really happened on the night between 30 and 31 December between Dani Alves and the young woman who accuses him of sexual abuse? The former Juventus and Barcelona champion was arrested because he allegedly provided three different versions of what happened. And now, in the Spanish press, the words of the 23-year-old peep out: 'I resisted, I begged him to stop, but he was stronger than me.' private photo | private video

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Dani Alves, the Brazilian footballer (ex Juventus) arrested in Barcelona for sexual abuse - guard

DIFFERENT VERSIONS - Everything would have happened in a bathroom located in a private room at the Sutton night club in Barcelona. After the girl's complaint, the Brazilian footballer had been called by the Mossos d'Esquadra to give his version of the facts. But he came out in handcuffs because of versions, in a short time, he would have provided three, as revealed by the news of the Catalan channel TV3: he of having been there for a short time and denying having met the girl. Then to have seen her, but denying her aggression. Finally swearing that it was she who jumped on him. The investigators questioned witnesses, viewed the local footage and collected biological samples. He was denied bail due to the danger of flight. And in prison he would have fed with difficulty, meeting a lawyer, a doctor and a psychologist. The Pumas, the Mexican club he had been with since July, immediately terminated his contract. His wife Joana Sanz is desperate: 'I know him, I know who he is'. And she makes an appeal: “I ask journalists away from home to respect my privacy at this time. My mother died a week ago. I just started to think she left to avoid being nagged about my husband's situation. I have lost the two pillars of my life, have a little empathy, instead of looking for news in the pain of others'. With the new Spanish legislation, Dani Alves risks 12 years in prison.

Dani Alves and Joana Sanz, married couple (romantic) in black and white and honeymoon (sexy) in color – guard

THE STORY - The details of the story of the alleged victim, who was in the club with her cousin and a friend, emerge in the Spanish media. A group of Mexican acquaintances invited them to the restricted area where the Brazilian was also located, whom she did not recognize, but whom she found 'insistent and annoying'. He would take her hand and bring it to her crotch, twice, but she would pull away from her. Then she would take her to the bathroom. The vanguard reports the girl's words: 'I didn't know what was behind that door, I thought there would be another VIP area. Just walking in, I told him I wanted to leave, and he told me I couldn't.' In the complaint, the young woman claims to have been raped. A nightmare that lasted 17 minutes. She went out, she tearfully told all about her to her friends and the bouncer of the disco, whom she knew. Thus the protocol for sexual violence was triggered, with the denunciation and immediate summons of Dani Alves, now detained in Barcelona.

Dani Alves and Joana Sanz love black and white… – guard

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