Danilo Valeri, the young kidnapped 'celebrates' his freedom by speeding at 200 km/h and shooting a video

The young man, victim of a lightning kidnapping, risks being investigated for aiding and abetting: he would have evaded the questions of the magistrates about his kidnapping. On the evening of the kidnapping, Chanel Totti, the daughter of the former Roma captain, was also at the restaurant, who follows him on social media

 danilo valeris 2 Danilo writes in his stories: 'Happy Holidays to all the people I love, who stayed with me until the end, for better or for worse'

Danilo Valeri, the twenty-year-old victim of a lightning seizure at Ponte Milvio, immortalized himself in a video as he hurtles at 200 km an hour on the Grande Raccordo Anulare, 'celebrating' his newfound freedom with some serpentines between the cars of the capital. And writing: 'Happy holidays to all the people I love, who have stayed with me until the end, for better or for worse.'

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WHAT RISKS - The risky stunt, posted on social media, went around the Net. But Danilo also risks a lot for what he told the magistrates. In fact, it seems that he evaded more than a few questions from the anti-mafia prosecutor Mario Palazzi, who has opened a kidnapping file for extortion purposes: the boy could be investigated for aiding and abetting. The investigation currently revolves around the drug record of his father Maurizio, known as the Mouse , who was slammed in the legs last May for an alleged feud over drug control. The identity of the people who kidnapped Danilo in front of the Mou restaurant is currently unknown. A waiter mentioned a young North African man in pigtails and a hoodie who entered the restaurant looking for him. Once out, Danilo would have been forcibly taken by at least six people, of North African and South American origin, but with a Roman accent.

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CHANEL TOTTI - But the case is being talked about in Rome also because Chanel Totti, daughter of the former Roma captain, who had posted a photo of the evening on Instagram, was also in the restaurant. Chanel is among Danilo's followers.

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