Davide Rebellin, identified the German truck driver who ran over him. The lawyer: 'Let it be judged in Italy'

The man allegedly escaped after getting off the truck and ascertaining the seriousness of the accident. There is no vehicular homicide in Germany. In Italy he had already fled once. The wrath of the association of victims of road accidents

 david-rebellin-died Davide Rebellin was only 51 years old

Davide Rebellin, the hit-and-run driver who ran over and killed him while he was training on his bicycle in Montebello Vicentino has been identified in Germany. We are talking about Wolfgang Rieke, a German truck driver who in the past had already become the protagonist, again in Italy, of another episode of piracy and who, in 2014, had his license withdrawn because he drove drunk.

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RECIPIENT AND FREE - However, chilling details emerge about the accident: the man driving the truck had come down from the cab of the truck after the impact. And he had approached the cycling champion. But as soon as he realized the seriousness of what happened, he ran away. The images of the security cameras document it and some witnesses tell it. But who is the pirate? From what has been learned, it is a 62-year-old truck driver, Wolfgang Rieke, who in 2001 had negotiated another episode of piracy in Foggia, for having fled without providing assistance to the people involved in an accident. And in 2014 his license was withdrawn by the Chieti traffic police for driving under the influence. But in Germany, for the death of Rebellin, he was not arrested, since there was no road homicide: he was therefore only reported on the loose.

Davide Rebellin killed by pirate truck. This is who the cycling champion was – guard

ESTRADATELO - The story arouses the wrath of Avisl Onlus , the association of victims of road accidents, which has long fought for the introduction of the crime of road homicide in Italy. Its president, the lawyer Domenico Musicco, says: “We learn that Davide Rebellin's investor is a German truck driver. In Germany there is no crime of vehicular homicide, although the failure to aid is provided for by the code. In any case, Italy must enforce itself and according to its own laws ask for his extradition. It is not possible that a subject of this kind, a multiple recidivist and with repeated very serious episodes committed in our country, does not serve any sentence. As Avisl Onlus we will ask the Minister of Justice to be the bearer of this request, which will be accompanied by a request for revocation of the licence. On the other hand, the two German citizens responsible for the boat accident on Lake Garda in 2021, in which Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti lost their lives, were also judged in Italy.

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