Death of Teo Losito, producer Alberto Tarallo receives the life insurance policy of 300 thousand euros of the suicidal screenwriter

In the intricate story about the screenwriter's death, the judges of the civil court of Milan assign to the producer the money initially intended for the screenwriter's brother

 alberto tarallo Alberto Tarallo guest of Massimo Giletti

Alberto Tarallo wins a round in the intricate story on the legacy of Teo Leosito, the screenwriter who committed suicide on January 8, 2019 in Zagarolo, in the villa-home of fictional actors and artists: Teo's policy of 300 thousand euros was assigned to him. But the case is also pending an investigation for instigating suicide and the bankruptcy of the production company Ares.

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THE CASE - In the Ares company there were the producer Tarallo, the screenwriter Teodosio Leosito, called Teo (companion of the producer) and a team of artists, protagonists of various successful fiction, including Gabriel Garko, Massimiliano Morra, Manuela Arcuri, Eva Grimaldi and Adua Of the Vesco. Teo committed suicide, hanging himself with a scarf from a radiator in 2019. The following year, Ares went bankrupt. During the Big Brother Vip, Adua and Massimiliano Morra talk to each other expressing doubts about the end of Teo. Soon the prosecutor decides to open a file for instigating suicide first against unknown persons, then against Tarallo. But he also investigates the bequest and the red accounts of Ares. A handwriting report claims that the scriptwriter's letters are not authentic. In fact, assets worth 5 million euros are seized in the investigation in Tarallo. But in the appeal to the Review the producer wins. And only on Thursday the Supreme Court will definitively rule on the kidnapping.

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THE POLICY - The 300 thousand euro life insurance policy with Teo's Zurich insurance also enters the complex legal matter. Both the screenwriter's brother, Giuseppe Leosito, and the producer claimed the proceeds. And the judges of the Milan court agreed with the latter. It was the insurance itself, in the presence of the two contenders, that turned to the judges. And it emerged how Teo had changed the beneficiary, removing his brother and putting his partner. Giuseppe's lawyers had raised doubts about the authenticity of the email used to notify Zurich of the new beneficiary. But what the magistrates write seems to leave no room for doubt: 'With regard to the security of the signature attributed to Teodosio Losito, it is important to note that the witness Briani, heard at the hearing on 28/10/2021, declared that, as indicated in the same mail, that electronic communication was preceded by a phone call from Teodosio Losito who communicated his desire to change the beneficiary of the policy to Alberto Tarallo ”.