Delia Duran and her husband Alex Belli, model and photographer for the For Men Magazine calendar

She is the Venezuelan model who seduced everyone (and everyone) at the last Big Brother Vip. He is her great love. A perfect couple for a decidedly explosive 12 months

 delia-duran-calendar-formen-1920 Delia Duran is the protagonist chosen by the publisher Urbano Cairo and the director Andrea Biavardi for the 2023 Calendar For Men. Her husband Alex Belli photographed her Photo Video

For Men Magazine, the monthly Cairo Editore directed by Andrea Biavardi, is on newsstands with the 2023 Maxi Calendar featuring the beautiful Venezuelan model and actress Delia Duran, immortalized by her husband Alex Belli - Photo | video

Delia Duran, a Greek look on the Maxi Calendar 2023 from For Men Magazine Delia Duran, a Greek look on the Maxi Calendar 2023 from For Men Magazine

Delia Duran and her provocations to Big Brother Vip – guard

“THE STONE OF SCANDAL” – For 2023, the choice of the monthly went to the wonderful Delia Duran, portrayed in thirteen sensual shots inspired by Greek mythology and taken by Alex Belli, her husband with whom she has been linked since the last edition of Big Brother Vip ( guard ). When they brought their turbulent relationship on TV. 'Big Brother Vip arrived almost quietly, then she became the most intriguing competitor in the house, until her explosion, when she became not only a sexy bomb, but the scandal stone' ( guard ), explains the director Andrea Biavardi. 'The fact is that the beautiful Venezuelan is the most provocative protagonist of Italian television. And For Men Magazine obviously couldn't let her get away: here she is, the protagonist of the 2023 calendar ″.

All the loves of Alex Belli – guard

THE HOTTEST MONTH – “The Calendar is a concession we make to beauty. It is a tradition inaugurated in 2003″, commented Urbano Cairo at the presentation party of the Maxi Calendar starring Delia Duran. And the ranking on which will be the hottest month of 2023, Andrea Biavardi has no doubts: “September. But I won't tell you more.' Browse the calendar to believe.