DFB safes: The mystery of the contents of the mysterious safes has been revealed

 The German Football Association moves into the DFB Academy in Frankfurt am Main. The German Football Association moves into the DFB Academy in Frankfurt am Main. Bild: imago images / Nico Herbertz

When the German Football Association moved to the new DFB campus in Frankfurt am Main, an amazing find was made: Four secret safes were accidentally discovered in the former headquarters of the association. Apparently not even the former DFB Presidents Theo Zwanziger, Wolfgang Niersbach, Reinhard Grindel and Fritz Keller knew about the existence of the mysterious lockers.

While two of the mysterious safes could be opened, 'tank crackers' had to move up to the other two in order to finally reveal the secret of the contents.

The contents of the safes are said to be worth 4,000 euros

To 'Picture' -Information 400 silver coins with a commemorative coinage of the 2006 World Cup are said to be in the vaults Germany condition. Their value is estimated at at least 4000 euros. Only five representatives of the tax authorities and a Frankfurt public prosecutor were present at the opening at the invitation of the DFB.

This find should bring some relief to some people: on the one hand, it was speculated that one could discover incriminating documents in the safes in the course of the affair about the summer fairy tale of 2006.

In 2015, it was revealed that a total of 6.7 million euros had ended up in an account of former FIFA official Mohamed Bin Hammam in Qatar via World Cup boss Franz Beckenbauer. it is assumed that an attempt was made to get Germany the necessary World Cup votes via questionable deals - However, there is no clear evidence of this, which is why the scandal remains unsolved to this day.

Finds from the first two vaults

In the first two lockers, too, there was no further evidence of the midsummer night's affair. Instead, parts of the estate of ex-national coach Sepp Herberger, who died in April 1977, numerous currencies from many different countries, eight necklaces from Ms. Herberger and two small fine gold bars and blank tickets for DFB international matches were discovered.

Source: watson.de