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Dodi Al Fayed’s agitation bordering on paranoia. The request to have Henry Paul, who was not a professional driver, with him. And that Mercedes stolen and fixed twice. Speak Karim Kazi, who worked in security at the Ritz. And he has seen too many oddities

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Twenty-five years. Mountains of paper. Rivers of ink. But perhaps the last word has yet to be written about the death of Lady Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. Karim Kazi, 53, now the owner of a hotel on rue st. Honoré, full center of Paris. He speaks from direct experience He worked at the Ritz in place Vendôme. He took care of the movements and safety of customers - Photo | video | in therefore 1

He says he has always been clear about some, not all, of the elements that may have caused the accident. He never understood why they were often hidden, but over time he realized that, periodically, some of them came to the surface and he got the idea that, one piece at a time, one day we will be able to put together all the truth. 'I learned not to be in a hurry,' he says. 'A few weeks before the accident I resigned from the Ritz and before I left I said things that turned out to be true twenty years later.'

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Which? “I said something was going to happen and I instructed it not to. I said they had to get rid of a car, a Mercedes 280s. It wasn't on the street. He swerved in the wet. It was dangerous. It looked cursed. '

Why cursed? “He was wearing them all. And today we know why. Years ago she had been stolen. The thieves had gone off the road, overturned and abandoned it. She was going to be scrapped. Instead she got settled and joined the Ritz fleet. 'You have to get rid of it,' I said. In part they listened to me. They left it in the garage as a last resort. Until, that night, fate let her out for the last trip '.

When did you hear about the accident? 'A couple of hours later. On TV I immediately recognized the car. It was terrible. I saw a presentiment come true. I saw the fulfillment of a destiny that could, indeed had to be avoided ».

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The investigators knew but never talked about the car. Because? 'They haven't talked about many things. I don't know why.'

What could the last word be? 'The last word will be the one that binds everything'.

Is that word conspiracy? Karim smiles. 'There was a conspiracy'.

All inquiries have denied this. 'There was a conspiracy. And it was in the mind of Dodi Al Fayed. Diana I don't know. But Dodi and his father Mohammed were in total paranoia. Obsessed with security. As if they felt they were being targeted ».

Whose? 'I do not know. The origin of Mohammed's fortunes is unclear. Maybe some enemy had been made. Then came Diana. Great prestige. And huge concerns. At the Ritz the tension was insane. '

But she, Karim, was already out. “I had maintained good relations and the management wanted me to come back and take care of the movements of Dodi and Diana. I refused'.

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Others would have made false papers. «Too much visibility. I had opened my own agency, I already had many clients. Ending up in the newspapers next to Lady D meant becoming recognizable, losing the aura of confidentiality that is everything in my work '.

Why did they really want her? “They knew me and they knew how I worked. But in general they wanted to strengthen the security forces. They had an exaggerated restlessness about them. Just see what they did that day. Dodi and Diana arrive at the Ritz on August 30th at 4.45pm. They have the imperial suite and they can stay there as long as they want. Instead of being calm, they get agitated ».

Dodi's only agitation seems to be linked to the choice of an engagement ring for Diana. She goes to Alberto Repossi's jewelry shop on Place Vendôme and chooses the Tell me yes model, tell me yes. «In the evening, however, Dodi is seized by a frenzy. As if he had discovered something. Who did he meet in those hours, that he calls him he received? There is certainly something that alarms him. With the hotel besieged by paparazzi, against all logic she decides to go to his apartment on Rue Houssaye, on the Champs-Elysées. It is the first mistake ».

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What is still wrong? “Dodi has the Ritz staff on hand. All professional level, including his trusted driver. He doesn't like him. He wants Henry Paul, head of security, to drive the car. '

Did it make him feel more protected? “I knew Henry well. Serious and rigorous man, impeccable organizer, who however has always had a static role. Driving around Paris wasn't his job. But that's what Dodi wants. And nobody breathes ».

Escape and the driver. The third mistake? «The fatal one. An armored Mercedes 600 and a Range Rover are ready in front of the Ritz. The paparazzi keep an eye on them and Dodi asks for another car. There are none. The fleet is all busy. Dodi insists, has the limo manager summoned, until the only remaining car is recovered at the end of the garage. The Mercedes 280s. A driver takes her to the back of the hotel on Rue Cambon and delivers it to Henry Paul. The bodyguard of Diana, Trevor Rees-Jones, climbs in front, behind Dodi and Diana ».

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The mad rush begins. «Dodi was agitated, he must have asked to run. But Henry Paul entering the Alma tunnel at that speed ... The more I think about it, the more it seems unlikely. He was behind the wheel. But outside? Who was out there? '

Make it clear. “A strange story had happened a few months earlier. The damned 280S had been stolen again, in front of Taillevent, one of the most famous restaurants in Paris. It was found two days later in a motorway lay-by. The thieves had abandoned it after taking away all the electronics on board. The car was repaired and returned to the Ritz. The appraisals on the car excluded mechanical tampering. But have the electronic control units been checked? Between cruise control, speed limiter, circuits, are we sure that a car already in 1997 could not be governed from the outside? '.

Bold thesis. “It's my thought. It's even , we will see. But the last word has yet to be written '.
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