Died Bruno Arena, the success with the prickly pears then the serious illness

The Milanese cabaret artist was 65 years old. Coupled with Max Cavallari he had been launched by the Zelig program and had had great popularity. In 2013 the rupture of the aneurysm and the interruption of his career

 TV: BRAIN HEMORRHAGE FOR ARENA (FICHI D'INDIA), OPERATO Bruno Arena, the comedian was 65 years old Photo Video

Bruno Arena, cabaret artist known for being part of the prickly pear duo, has died. He was 65 years old and had been ill for some time. His son Gianluca gave the news on social media. 'I wasn't ready... but I never would have been anyway – he wrote -. Safe travels dad… you leave a huge void” - Photo | video

Dead Bruno Arena dei Fichi d'India: let's remember him like this

Latest pictures with friends – guard

TEACHER AND COACH - Arena was born in Milan on January 12, 1957. He had taught physical education in various schools in the province of Varese, but had soon been attracted to the stage and comedy, after starting out as an entertainer in tourist villages. His bond with sport is also strong: a huge fan of Inter and a great basketball fan, he had also been the coach and on the bench of the women's Busto Arsizio for some Serie A matches.

The most famous sketch: “Ahrarara

AHRARARA - Nine years ago (in 2013), he had been hit by an aneurysm after recording an episode of Zelig , the Mediaset program that had given great popularity to Arena and Max Cavallari, his partner in the prickly pears. Celebrate their most successful catchphrase 'Friends Ahrarara' . Four years before the fortunate meeting and artistic partnership with Cavallari, Bruno had been seriously involved in a vehicle accident and had come away with partial loss of sight, which had forced him to undergo various operations and had partially compromised his sight. After the great success with the prickly pears and the participation in various programs ( Colorado , Do you know the last one? ) and films (with Cavallari they had also been the cat and the fox in the Pinocchio by Roberto Benigni), popularity had waned a bit in the 2000s, until his career was interrupted due to illness. Emergency surgery at the San Raffaele in Milan, Arena had also remained in a coma for a few weeks, but since then he has been forced to move in a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking. At the news of his disappearance, many attestations of esteem. Among the first to remember it, Paolo Belli: “R.I.P. my great friend'.

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