Dieter Bohlen drops the 'DSDS' bomb: 'You wished it'

  Bohlen and Lombardi have already assessed singing talents together"DSDS". Bald sind sie in der Show wieder vereint. Bohlen and Lombardi have already rated singing talents together on 'DSDS'. They are soon reunited on the show. Bild: imago images / Revierfoto

For the upcoming anniversary season of 'DSDS', RTL is bringing out the big guns, because, as has been clear for several weeks, it was celebrated Dieter Bohlen 2023 his comeback on the show. Since then there have been rumors about the occupation of the remaining jury posts. Always at the forefront: Pietro Lombardi, former show winner, ex-juror and good buddy of the pop titan.

In August, the picture reported that Lombardi's renewed commitment as a juror next year should be fixed, now Bohlen also confirms this personally on his Instagram channel.

Dieter Bohlen announces Lombardi comeback on 'DSDS'

'Dieter is happy. And why is Dieter happy? Because Pietro is back!' Cheers a relaxed-looking plank in his current clip. The star producer adds with satisfaction:

'You wished it, your dream team is perfect.'
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Why the choice fell on Bohlen's former protégé is obvious and is also addressed in the video: 'Pietro stood behind me the whole time and said: 'DSDS' without Dieter, that doesn't work at all.'

In fact, Lombardi spoke out critically after it became known in 2021 that Bohlen and RTL would first go their separate ways. 'No one can replace you,' he wrote at the time Instagram and posted a picture from the 'DSDS' times together with the ex-modern-talking singer.

According to 'Bild' information, Lombardi is said to have agreed directly for the jury post when the request came. However, it is still unclear who will sit third behind the desk. Bohlen's preferred candidate is said to be Shirin David, but she apparently hesitates, as the newspaper claims to have learned.

For Bohlen, however, it is probably first of all that Pietro Lombardi is celebrating his comeback: 'I'm looking forward to the new season. The 20th season simply has to be a success and we will be a lot, a lot fun have', he rejoices finally on Instagram.

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'DSDS' fans react to Bohlen's announcement

In the comments, the news is mostly received euphorically. 'The best decision' can be read here, among other things. This fan shares the opportunity against the jury cast of the last season around Florian Silbereisen and rants: 'Thank God, the last season was a disaster.'

And this person is also relieved: 'I'm very happy that you're both back at the start of 'DSDS'. Anything else was unthinkable and simply doomed to fail. ' Apparently, the format can only go uphill.