Diletta Balocco, the daughter of the entrepreneur killed by lightning speaks: 'Dad Alberto was our best friend'

The 25-year-old remembers her father as 'a twenty-year-old inside'. But she with her head “light years ahead. And this made him an even more special father '

 beloved alberto balocco Alberto Balocco, struck down by lightning at the age of 56, and his daughter Diletta Video

Alberto Balocco, after the farewell in the cathedral of Fossano to the king of panettone, his daughter Diletta speaks. And she uses moving words to remember him: “He was also our best friend, he always had the right words. He knew how to identify with our points of view, even if we belonged to a generation very different from his '- video

Alberto Balocco, the death of the king of panettone: killed by lightning on a mountain bike - guard

THE TRAGEDY - The entrepreneur and CEO of the famous confectionery industry was struck by lightning together with his friend Davide Vigo while trying to reach the top of Assietta by mountain bike, in the mountains of the Alta Val Chisone, Turin. Daughter Diletta, 25, read a long message to her father during her funeral. And she now confesses to Corriere della Sera that she overcame the emotion thanks to a childhood friend 'that she made me understand that dad's eyes would shine. And this was enough to bring out the courage ”.

THE BEST FRIEND - Dad Alberto describes him as the best friend, albeit with many years of difference: “He loved Seventies music and Netflix series in the same way, he loved to surround himself with our friends, partying with us was the thing that made him most happy. He was, as he said, 'a twenty year old inside', but his head was light years ahead and this made him an even more special father '. But he too was a person who taught her a lot: “Ambition, because the gaze is always upward. Humility, because the feet, on the other hand, must be firmly rooted on the ground, because nothing is taken for granted. And optimism, because positive thinking costs nothing and is good for everyone ”. Perhaps this is why she decided to test herself in a company other than the family one: 'The choice was dictated by the need to get involved in a neutral environment, where I would be evaluated exclusively for my performance and not for the surname or for the roots. This is because I felt the need to gain confidence in myself, in my abilities and become aware of what my strengths and improvement points were '. That trust that her father blindly placed in her daughter: “She has always believed in me much more than I believed in myself. This was an incredible source of security and strength for me. I thought: 'If he believes it, then maybe I can really do it' '.

Alberto Balocco, the funeral and the great emotion of his daughter Diletta - guard

MEMORIES - Diletta will always keep a memory of her childhood in her heart, when she took her, her brother Matteo and her friend Ludovica to elementary school, playing the game of capitals, asking them all in turn: 'Even a few minutes of walking represented a moment for him to teach us something '.

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