Diletta Leotta and Giacomo Cavalli, it's love: they come out in the open at the wedding of her brother

The host and the model had never posed together. Gap filled, on a special occasion. But there is a third wheel ...

 horses-leotta-1920 Diletta Leotta and Giacomo Cavalli come out into the open at the wedding of her brother Photo Video

That Diletta Leotta and Giacomo Cavalli were together was Pulcinella's secret. A secret, however, defended by the two concerned, who have not, indeed they had never posed together. Also during this summer, which they spent most of the time together, they managed to spread out in a big holiday group that also included Elodie and Andrea Iannone. But now the couple comes out into the open. - Photo | video

Diletta Leotta with her boyfriend Giacomo Cavalli, Elodie with Andrea Iannone: summer in a double couple - guard

PURE THE SELFIE - And he does it at the wedding celebrated in Taormina between Mirko Manola, Diletta's brother, and Irene Simeone: the presenter and the model arrived hand in hand, they posed together and, sweet at the bottom , they took a selfie with the bride and groom. In short, the maximum of officialdom. But there was also the third wheel: Lillo, Diletta's little dog, omnipresent in the photos.

Fedez and Charles Leclerc, Chiara Ferragni, Diletta Leotta ... the Ferragosto of the famous never ends - guard

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