Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, it's true love! Here they are in the sun of Miami…

The presenter and the goalkeeper enjoy the break offered by the World Cup in the heat of Florida. And they devote themselves to the favorite pastime of established couples…

 diletta-leotta-loris-karius-miami Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, love (and cell phone) in Miami Photo Video

Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, it's love. More: the presenter of Dazn and the Newcastle goalkeeper are now a couple. These photos taken in Miami demonstrate this, where the two, after a few cuddles, dedicate themselves to the favorite pastime of (almost) every established couple: the compulsive reading of their respective cell phones – Photo | video

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HORSES ARCHIVED - In short, Diletta has archived Giacomo Cavalli. And time will tell if handsome Karius will be anything more than an autumn fling. Meanwhile, the two are enjoying this break from football - the World Cup, which is upon us, guarantees a long vacation for both - in Florida, after Loris's repeated trips to Milan.

Diletta Leotta with her boyfriend Giacomo Cavalli, Elodie with Andrea Iannone: summer in a double couple - guard

GOOD LIFE - Football seems to no longer be a priority for Karius, who hasn't played since February 2021. A very talented goalkeeper, he has made a long and sensational series of mistakes (the famous ones in the 2018 Champions League final) which he has in practice interrupted career. Now, at 'only' 29 years old, he is a reserve at Newcastle and dedicates himself more to the gym and to taking care of himself and of... Diletta than to the ball.

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