Dodi Battaglia speaks again after the illness on stage: “Now I'm fine. No quarrel with the Poohs”

The singer and former guitarist of the Pooh has recovered and denies the rumors about the quarrels in the group: 'The Poohs are my heart and my life and for me we could reunite even now'

  Dodi Battaglia, story of the Pooh continues between hits and'perle Dodi Battaglia and illness at the Bologna concert Photo Video

Dodi Battaglia, recovering from an illness on stage during a concert in Bologna, is better. And he also wants to reassure everyone about the relationship with the Poohs' former colleagues: 'The Poohs are my heart and my life and for me we could get together even now'. Photo | video

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THE ILLNESS - The guitarist of the famous band had felt ill on October 4, during a concert in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna which closed his 'Hymn to Music Tour 2022'. And he had been forced to cancel some dates. But what happened to him?

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I'M BETTER - Dodi talks about it to Verissimo: 'Now I'm fine, I had a not so great moment, a few things accumulated and a few weeks ago on stage, I had an illness. A few days earlier I had read some comments that hurt me a lot, following an evening organized in memory of my friend Stefano D'Orazio (whom I miss so much), which I was unable to attend. I didn't sleep there for many nights and during the concert in Bologna, thanks to the medicines I was taking, I collapsed. While I was playing, at one point my legs collapsed, I got scared, but nothing serious. I've done all the exams and everything is fine, I'm ready for the next adventure.'

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I BELIEVE THE ARGUMENTS - Dodi also wants to clarify the rumors about alleged disagreements between him and the other Poohs: 'They wrote some nasty things, such as 'the Poohs fight'. We have never done that in fifty years, let alone now that we no longer work together. There are no disagreements between us, the Poohs are my heart and my life and for me we could reunite even now '.

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FRANCO GATTI AS STEFANO D'ORAZIO - To Silvia Toffanin, who asked him about Franco Gatti, the ex of the Ricchi e Poveri who recently passed away, the guitarist replied as follows: 'I didn't get to know him well, but I think that Franco, within the Ricchi e Poveri, did as glue, like Stefano D'Orazio with us. Maybe in a sly way, speaking little, Franco managed to smooth out the discussions, like Stefano did within the Poohs. I think the two people looked alike and did well for the group they belonged to.'

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