Donatella Rettore, confesses and says: 'I fight for euthanasia'

The family, the beginnings, the great successes. And the last battles that he wants to carry on: “War? There is little mobilization for peace”

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Donatella Rettore talks about herself in the round: childhood, family, first successes. But also the battles on civil rights that she wants to carry on: 'Fight for euthanasia'. - photos yesterday and today | video biographies | video interview

Donatella Rettore between successes, shows and provocations: watch the video biography Donatella Rettore between successes, shows and provocations: watch the video biography

Donatella Rettore speaks: “My first time, the transgressions, the return to Sanremo and that's all Gianni Morandi!

THE PARENTS - The singer presents her autobiography Dadauffa , published by Rizzoli, his 40 years of career and 67 of life. To the Corriere della Sera talks about the relationship with her parents Teresita and Sergio, to whom she was linked by a 'strong and deep' relationship. With my mother of great clashes but also of healthy reconciliations, as happens in all love stories. They were wonderful parents. As an only child they protected me, trying to keep the pains away, smoothing the corners. They would certainly have liked a permanent job, which for me was a prison sentence equal to boarding school. But there was no shortage of support. My father backed me up as we crossed the wooden bridge of Bassano and followed me behind the scenes joking with everyone. He got up at dawn and worked tirelessly, but he found the strength and time to come and meet the men to whom he entrusted me'.

Donatella Rettore, after her illness: 'I only eat steamed vegetables, I've learned to forgive everyone... and I'm two years younger!' – guard

THE KOBRA - Donatella also reveals how one of her greatest hits, the Kobra, was born: “A case was created for the sexual double meaning. In reality, everything was extremely clear to me: 'The cobra is not a snake but a frequent thought that becomes indecent'. She caused a sensation that a woman could think about sex obsessively and consider it a fundamental aspect in the life of a couple ”. The idea was born 'for fun, while I was talking to a friend of mine from Basilicata who, with regard to sex, had parochial opinions and boasted: 'We men of the South have a cobra'. We are interested in knowing how to use it well, otherwise it's just a pain'.

Donatella Rettore: 'Me, the Cobra, the love for Elton John, sex, the tumor... I'll tell you everything' - guard

LOREDANA AND I - The rivalry with Loredana Bertè, as a The print , was born from the idea of ​​a journalist who proposed that she literally invent it: “It seemed silly to me, I went to her concerts and she went to mine, but someone believed it. In this film that is life, if you don't have an antagonist, attention is lost, even if there is no hatred after all'.

Donatella Rector against everyone: 'Elton John now looks like Patty Pravo...' - exclusive

WAR AND EUTHANASIA – Asked about the war by the Turin newspaper, she has no doubts: “My father returned from the Buchenwald and Mauthausen camps weighing thirty kilos, he had escaped with a small group of internees. The partisans came to ask him to fight and he said that he would never take back a weapon to kill someone. I find that there is little mobilization for peace”. But today he has another ideal to fight for: “I fight for euthanasia. My mom was in a wheelchair for eight years, when she felt better she asked me two things: give me a cigarette and let me die ”.

Donatella Rettore, the shocking revelation: 'I lost a child to a miscarriage' - guard