Earthquake, shock of magnitude 5.7 in the Marche region. Epicenter in the Adriatic, off Pescara

Epicenter in the Adriatic, off Pescara. No injuries, but train traffic has been suspended. It is the strongest earthquake in the maritime area since 1930

 earthquake-marches-november-2022 Earthquake in the Marche region, images of the damage Photo Video

Strong earthquakes hit the Marche from 7 in the morning with a magnitude of up to 5.7. The epicenter of the earthquake would have occurred eight kilometers deep in the Adriatic Sea, right in front of the Pesaro coast - Photo | video 1 | video 2

Earthquake in the Marches, shock on live TV and the conductor escapes Earthquake in the Marches, shock on live TV and the conductor escapes

Images of the earthquake in the Marche region – guard

The Ingv map indicating the epicenter and the extent of the earthquake

 big-marche-earthquake-map SHOCKS FEEL THROUGHOUT THE CENTER – The tremors were felt from the province of Ancona to Emilia Romagna, but it seems they were also felt in Rome, Florence and Bologna, and even in Trentino, Friuli and Croatia. An earthquake swarm of 20 shocks went on for three hours causing various damages in various inhabited centres. It is the strongest shock since 1930, when Senigallia was hit by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

The shock on live TV: the conductor runs away terrified - guard

SCHOOLS CLOSED – There are no reports of dead or injured. But in Ancona, Pesaro, Fabriano and Macerata schools have been closed and all rail traffic on the Adriatic line near Ancona has been suspended as a precaution. Considering the intensity of the event at sea, there are no tsunami risks, specified the head of civil protection, Fabrizio Curcio. A tsunami warning would be triggered automatically with an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 6.5.

Damage to the Ancona station – guard