Einaz Rekabi, the Iranian athlete competing without a veil in Korea, has disappeared

Fear for the climbing champion who did not wear the hijab in a competition in Seoul. There is no longer any trace of her: they would have forced her to return to Iran, after arresting her brother. You may now be in prison in Tehran

 climber-iran-disappeared-1920 Elnaz Rekabi, the Iranian climber of whom there is no more news Video

The historic gesture of rebellion seems to have cost Elnaz Rekabi dearly. The Iranian sport climbing champion had competed without the hijab in violation of the Islamic law in force in her country, at the Asian championships in Seoul, South Korea. Now, however, there is no more news of her. – video

Historical gesture of the Iranian climber: competing without the veil Historical gesture of the Iranian climber: competing without the veil

Four dead in Evin prison, Alessia Piperno is fine – guard

IN JAIL - The Iranian champion would have been locked up in the infamous Evin prison in Tehran. Her friends would have tried to contact her without success. The BBC also contacted the Garden Seoul Hotel, the hotel where the Iranian team was staying, but the delegation left the facility anticipating its departure by at least 48 hours. Rekabi, bronze at the World Championships in Moscow in 2021, had come close to entering the finals of the Asian Games, finishing fourth, but above all she had chosen to compete without a veil, precisely at the time when the riots in the streets after the death of Mahsa Amini - killed in a fight for having presented himself in public with his face uncovered - they show no sign of abating.

THE HOSTAGE BROTHER - According to the media of the opposition to the Islamist regime in power in Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards arrested Elnaz's brother, Davud, thus inducing the champion to hand over her passport and telephone in exchange for the safety of the family member, and then forcing her starting from Korea to Iran.

Source: oggi.it