Elections, 9 curiosities (plus one): Bonino and Bossi ko, the letter for mom Meloni. And the Democratic Party wins… abroad

Marta Fascina elected in Marsala (but she has never been there), the Roman Calenda clears Milan, Di Maio from foreign minister to excluded from everything. And the small party of the former mayor of Messina gets so many votes in the city that it brings two parliamentarians to Rome

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The list of the new 400 parliamentarians is now definitive (or almost) and it is possible to identify curiosities, surprises, details that emerge from the mass of data and news that also characterized this election, the first after the cut in the members of the Chamber and Senate. - laws | Photo

Elodie tells Mara Venier: 'I'm afraid of loneliness' Elodie tells Mara Venier: 'I'm afraid of loneliness'

ODDNESSES OF ROSATELLUM - Among the deputies confirmed also for this legislature, for example, there is the companion of Silvio Berlusconi, martha fascinates . She was elected in Sicily, in the highly armored single-member constituency of Marsala. Except that Fascina has never been there in these two months of voting race in the Sicilian city. And at that it seems not even before. Born in Calabria, in Melito di Porto Salvo, but raised in the Neapolitan area, the force worker in Berlusconi's heart told of her holidays as a child spent generically in Sicily with her family. Many, however, the non-reconfirmed 'excellent', victims of the eccentricities of the Rosatellum. The name of stands out Emma Bonino : the historical radical leader did not make it in Rome, defeated by the not so well known Lavinia Mennuni (Fdi), and will not be able to count even in the proportional share. Her party stopped at 2.95%: nothing short of the 3% threshold. There passionflower Emma doesn't give up and has already asked for the ballots to be recounted. Defeated in Rome by Mennuni, on the other hand, even the leader of Action Charles Calenda who a few months ago ran for the mayor's seat with striking results. Oddities of the vote, the Roman Calenda instead did great in Lombardy, where Action in Milan reached 16%.

SCORBI DEFEATED - Big disappointment for Vittorio Sgarbi beaten by the 'eternal' Pierferdinando Casini in one of the most awaited duels. However, it was not easy to conquer the Bolognese seat, the historic garrison of the Democratic Party. Honor to merit, therefore, for the art critic and honor of arms a Umberto Bossi . After 35 years the Senator , historic founder of the League and absolute protagonist of Italian politics in the early 2000s was not elected. He pays for the Salvinian debaclé. We must return to Sicily, however, for one of the most amazing surprises: the affirmation of the South calls North of Cateno De Luca capable of bringing a deputy and a senator to Rome. The former mayor of Messina was a candidate for the presidency of the Region (in Sicily people voted on the same day) and in the running for Politics with his small Southernist party which in his hometown exceeded 30%. Result: first party in the uninominal and two parliamentarians. An exploit such as to surpass both Us Moderates and the Civic Commitment of the Senate on a national scale Louis DiMaio . Speaking of Di Maio, his is a sensational fall. From foreign minister to excluded from the whole step is huge. His party has remained well below the threshold, but what burns the most is undoubtedly the defeat at home, in Naples Fuorigrotta, by one of his former ministers and comrades in the M5S.

NO NO-VAX - Overall, the no-vax and anti-European movements did not go very well: Gianluigi Paragone's ItalExit remains out of the Chambers and also the movement of the no-vax and non-green pass activist Sara Cunial despite the flattering 6% achieved in Bolzano which reached 20% in some villages in the South Tyrolean valleys (such as Anterivo). Smiling (and a lot) is certainly George Meloni : hers is a triumph, seasoned with touches of healthy melodrama that make her 'more human' and not the war machine she sometimes seems to be. From the letter from her 6-year-old daughter Ginevra, posted on social media ('Dear mummy, I'm so happy you won. I love you so much') to her words from her mother, Anna Paratore, reached in her apartment popular at Garbatella: one of the hearts of the Roman world. Last curiosity, the vote of the italiani all'estero in total discontinuity: the Pd first party with 7 elected out of the twelve overall. Very small consolation.

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