Elisabetta Canalis, holiday (chases away the crisis) at the end of the summer with Brian Perri and his daughter Skyler Eva

From Ibizia, to Santa Margherita Ligure, to her beloved Sardinia: three months of relaxation (and work), but always and only with her baby. To the point that many said there was some cloud over her marriage. But now, the chatter is at zero

 canalis-holidays-usa-husband-daughterok Elisabetta Canalis, last glimpse of summer with her husband and daughter Photo Video

For Elisabetta Canalis and her family they are the last remnants of vacation. The former showgirl thus takes the opportunity of a fashion shoot to extend her stay on Lake Tahoe, on the border between California and Nevada. It is a place of the heart for the showgirl, her husband Brina Perri and her daughter Skyler Eva and they return often. It is the backlash of a very long vacation that also brought her to Italy. Holidays and work, always with her daughter Skyler Eva, alternated and saw her as a protagonist from Santa Margherita in Ibiza to Sardinia where she dedicated some time to her family of origin. And this last glimpse of summer also serves to definitively chase away all the rumors that gave her a crisis with her husband: looking to believe - Photo | video

Elisabetta Canalis, single holidays with her daughter Skyler Eva - guard

I'M THE ONE THAT PUTS THE T-SHIRT BACK - The former showgirl thus shows her physique shaped by constant physical activity wearing always different bikinis. And on her social networks she also talks about private moments of life: pillow battles in which her husband “gets them”, a boat trip, dives in the pool and games with the children. “I used my body to work, if I wear a bikini or a lingerie, I'm working everything here”, she says in the Corriere della Sera. “But those who know me well know that the real Elizabeth is the one who fights, that she is in the ring and gets dirty. The one who puts on the t-shirt inside out and notices it later '.

Elisabetta Canalis enters the ring: debuts in a kickboxing match - guard

AND PUTS HUSBAND IN HIS PLACE - Ring, barrel and a peppery character of a Sardinian girl. One wonders who is in charge of the house. It is not known, but it certainly is not she who lowers her head. On the contrary. “I also have a husband at home who when I came back from krav maga tests (fighting and defense technique ed)”, she continues “with scratches on his neck and trembling he said to me 'Do you think it's nice that you see my wife like that?' I replied 'Bear with me you go surfing and I don't even know if you'll come back alive because it's full of sharks' ”. And, perhaps, given how she fights in the Kickboxing ring it is best not to contradict her.

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