Elisabetta is now History

The world honored her as if she were the queen of all. And now Carlo, your height, will he be up to it?

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Being a queen is also a profession. She did it better than anyone, for 70 years, from the time she was 26 until Thursday 8 September 2022, the end of the life of Elizabeth II. And she too in her step of her farewell is the mark of adherence to a profession, to a rank, to a privileged place in the universe, which she in every way she has tried to honor until the fate of she granted it to him. Just two days earlier, in physical conditions that are not difficult to imagine already extreme, the back of the hand with a blue swelling, the sign of a needle removed for a moment so as not to embarrass the guest, Elizabeth II honored the last official task by meeting in the castle of Balmoral the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss to hand over Great Britain, her kingdom, her beloved homeland and served by the highest seat to her.

The last appearance of Elisabetta, with the new premier Liz Truss - guard

Elizabeth did not compromise with time, impervious to any change, even radical change of social season, as if the monarchy continued to have a political sense and was not instead a legacy, however of immeasurable prestige and income, of other centuries, others seasons. She did not change her hairstyle or style of clothing, so as not to confuse her effigy representing her on coins and banknotes and imperishable symbols of the former British Empire with changes in her image. She interpreted the function in an austere but also polite way, with a perfected class along the way, with an unhuman ability to never let what was upsetting her inside show out, be it the tragic challenge with Diana, the established misdeeds of her son Andrea, the break with beloved nephew Harry (and the less beloved Meghan).

William with Kate and Harry with Meghan, united again behind Elizabeth's coffin - guard

Only in a moment her unshakable curtain of secrecy showed a crack, which time has widened rather than healed: when her husband Filippo, a girl's dream and lifelong companion, is gone. There is a photo that you will find in the issue of Oggi on newsstands, largely dedicated to her, which portrays her with the black anti Covid mask, sitting on a wooden bench during the wake, shrunken by pain, lost in front of an event uncontrollable, inexorably alone. But not a tear in public, not a lament, never a liberating outburst. A true queen does not laugh but if anything she hints at a smile, she does not cry but if anything she waves her hand more slowly in greeting her subjects.

Elisabetta d’Inghilterra, the tears of the queen at the funeral of husband Filippo – guard

This newspaper grew up narrating the Windsor house as if it were an endless fictional series, a series of episodes containing all the range of possible feelings, with a crowd of variously intense, bizarre or disconnected characters, but with an undisputed protagonist: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, known as Lilibet , the girl who will become sovereign of more than 150 million people, will survive 7 Popes and 6 James Bond, will break all records of longevity, 70 years and 214 days of reign, second in modern history only to Louis XIV, the Sun King ( 72 years and 110 days). To her goes the sad greeting and the eternal thanks of Today and of her readers. She was not The Queen of the world but the world recognized her as if she were. And from many quarters you will place it with respect among the greats of this and last century. And now, God Save the King, that Carlo who waited with resigned patience to become king. Will his height be at the height? This, now, is the problem.

Source: oggi.it