Elisabetta Socci, the poignant story of the mother who on the same day discovered she was pregnant and had cancer. Here's how she ended up

The woman wanted to carry the pregnancy to term, but died at the age of 36 from breast cancer. Her husband Matteo: “Fight as Elisa did. You can live happily even in sickness”

 Elizabeth Socci Elisabetta Socci gave birth to a girl, who will now grow up with her father Video

Elisabetta Socci discovered on the same day that she was pregnant and had breast cancer. But she still wanted to continue the pregnancy: the baby was born and is doing well. She had to surrender to the disease and died at the age of 36. Her husband Matteo Grotti: 'I will raise her by telling her how special her mother was' - video

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A STORY OF COURAGE – A moving story of courage that of Elisabetta, which Matteo decided to tell RavennaToday: 'At 35, one should never see the death of one's wife, raise a daughter alone and know that she will never really be able to feel the affection of her mother. But I want to tell those who are fighting the same war not to give up. Fight as Elizabeth did. You can live happily even in her illness, trying every now and then to forget her, feel good and do normal things. Think: maybe I won't be able to do this tomorrow, so let's do it today'.

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THE DIAGNOSIS - He was a warehouse keeper in Rontagnano, in the Cesena area, she was an architect in Cervia. When they got married they went to live in San Zaccaria, in the municipality of Ravenna. The day Elizabeth found out she was pregnant was also the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But the woman decided not to give up and to carry on with the pregnancy. In the third month she began chemotherapy: 'She never wavered for a moment, she was convinced that pregnancy was the light in this period of darkness and, despite everything, she chose to carry it to term and to cure herself, albeit partially, with therapies that would harm a creature so intensely desired.”

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A SPECIAL MOTHER - The baby is born. But when the little girl turns 10 months old, Elizabeth dies, overwhelmed by evil. Matteo, 35, is now alone to take care of her daughter: “I will raise her by telling her how special she was. We have always lived in hope, because one can hope and continue to live even if the ending is bad. And she did so, always enjoying the present, everyone knew she was ill but she let us experience the period of her illness as if it were nothing, she was a warrior ”.

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