Elizabeth of England, 17 days of mourning. Here are all the details of her last trip and her funeral in London

The whole of the United Kingdom 'slows down' for the final farewell to its queen. King Charles III gives his first speech and prepares for his mother's last journey, who will be buried in St George's Chapel in Windsor. Next to her husband, parents and sister

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The 'London Bridge is down' operation has officially started. For ten days the nation will slow down and will be officially in mourning until 7 days after the final farewell. The plan for the funeral of the sovereign (which should be held on September 19) has been ready since the 1960s but could be retouched by King Charles III in these days. Today is D-Day, the beginning of everything. The king and queen consort return to London for a meeting with the prime minister. The sovereign's coffin, wrapped in royal standard and with a crown of her favorite flowers, will remain in Balmoral for two days. At 7 pm King Calo speaks to the nation. Hail cannons, in Hyde Park and the Tower of London, salute the new ruler - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Elizabeth of England, the last moments: hour by hour, the reconstruction of the saddest day - guard

THE PROCLAMATION - The Accession Council meets tomorrow and formally proclaims Charles the king. At 12 noon three trumpeters will play the fanfare from the balcony of St. James Palace. On Sunday the Queen's coffin will be moved from Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, her official residence in Scotland. The journey, by car, will last more than 5 hours, along the way thousands of people will gather to say goodbye. The coffin will remain in the throne room all night. On Monday King Charles III begins the tour of the 4 nations of the United Kingdom, starting right from Scotland. The Queen will be moved to St. Giles Cathedral where a solemn mass will be held with all members of the royal family.

Charles of England is the new king. Biased, naive and spendthrift, that's who he really is - guard

THE LAST TRIP - The coffin returns to London on Tuesday 13 September, when it will be taken to Buckingham Palace in a hearse. This is not a formal procession, but people are expected to take to the streets to pay homage to the coffin, which will be greeted by the Guard of Honor at the main entrance of the building. The sovereign will be moved to the Bow Room, where the family will gather in prayer, and then to the throne room where the staff members will be able to give her the last farewell. The next day a solemn procession will cross central London to take the coffin to Westminster where it will remain for 4 days. Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to pass by the coffin, but at a safe distance, as had already happened for the queen mother in 2002. Her family will also be watching over the sovereign. The night before her funeral a reception will be held at Lancaster House, London. There will be heads of state and government, members of the armed forces and representatives of other royal families.

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STATE FUNERALS - On Monday 19th September Westminster will close to the public. The coffin will be removed from the bier and placed in the state carriage, followed on foot by the family for a short journey to Westminster Abbey. The mass will begin at noon in Italy and will be officiated by the dean of Westminter. At the end of the service the national anthem will be played and the coffin will go back into the state carriage. It will be transported to Windsor, inside the chapel of St. George, and placed on a bier. The imperial crown and scepter will be removed from the court jeweler and finally the coffin will be placed inside the royal crypt, where Prince Philip, parents and Elizabeth's sister also rest. With the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, God save the king will play. Privately, King Charles III will sprinkle a few handfuls of earth on the coffin, just as the sovereign had done with her father.

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WHO WILL ATTEND - There could be about 2,000 guests, including crowned heads, heads of state and government, senior military personnel, foreign dignitaries, presidents, representatives of the queen's charities. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the BBC and followed by millions of people around the world. For Scotland Yard it will be the largest public security operation since Lady Diana's funeral.

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