Elizabeth of England, 30 things you (perhaps) do not yet know about her

She became queen on the death of her father on February 6, 1952, when she was just 25 years old. She was crowned in 1953. And she dedicated her life to the throne

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The queen par excellence has always been just her, Elizabeth II. She would never have ascended the throne if a rebellious uncle and mad in love, Edward VIII, had not abdicated to marry the American Wallis Simpson (born 1936). The sick father, George VI, paves the way for the woman who will make history and will remain in history. We reveal 30 little things that you may not know about her - Photo | video

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1. At the age of 14, Elisabetta gives her first speech: on the radio, she addresses children displaced by the war. The family thought that she would let herself be overcome by emotion and instead the girl shows, even then, confidence and determination.

two. In 1943 Elizabeth made her first public appearance alone, during a visit to the Grenadier Guards of which she had become colonel the previous year. At the age of 18 she was appointed councilor of state, so as to be able to replace her father in the event of her incapacity or absence.

3. On Victory Day in Europe, 8 May 1945, Elizabeth called Lilibet and her sister Margaret mingle with the cheering crowd in the streets of London. The film also tells it A note with the Regina .

Four. On February 6, 1952, when she was informed of her father's death and became queen, she was photographing a herd of baboons in Kenya. At that time the country was a British colony and she was there with her husband Philip, to take the place of her infirm father.

5. In 1953, to justify his habit of getting out of the car and walking among his subjects, he said: 'I need to show me so that people believe me.' The monarchy needs presence.

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6. At the beginning of his reign he declared: 'I cannot guide you in battle, I cannot give you laws or administer justice, but I can do something else for you. I can give you my heart ».

7. Elizabeth had a passionate temperament. At 13, she wrote about her to her eighteen-year-old future husband Philip Mountbatten: 'He was handsome as a Viking.' Dickie Arbiter, who was Her Majesty's secretary and spokesperson, now says of her: «No other man has existed for you in 73 years. And the same was true for him, despite the fact that he was a big fan. ' She was the most traditional of wives, delegating every family and organizational task to her spouse. Also according to Arbiter, the queen kept a diary 'that you will never see'.

8. Prince Philip called her affectionately sausage , because the queen loved grilled sausages. She was fond of sweets, in particular the chocolate biscuit cake made with biscuits and dark chocolate.

9. Elisabetta and music. The song of her heart was the one that Filippo gave her as a boyfriend: People will say we’re in love , dal musical Oklahoma . On the occasion of her 90th birthday, she revealed her musical tastes to BBC 2, which had dedicated a program to her. The playlist included Fred Astaire, religious hymns and marches but also, surprisingly, Take That leader Gary Barlow.

10. Royal watcher William Ward assures that the queen was an excellent imitator, specializing in 'replicating' the powerful of the Earth.

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eleven. According to biographer Graham Turner, he had his own hierarchy of preferences: dogs, horses, men and women. Last, because empty in the conversation.

12. She was thrifty, much more than thrifty. At Buckingham Palace, linen and carpets were mended. She also did not like gala dresses, jewels, or formal dinners. In the quiet of Balmoral she felt herself.

13. In 1966, faced with the disaster of the Aberfan landslide, in Wales, Elizabeth for the first time was unable to hold back her tears.

14. The mystery of her handbags revealed. In leather, by Launer London, they contained glasses, pen, Lozenge candy and no purse.

fifteen. His Majesty also had detractors. John Edward Poynder Grigg, Lord Altrincham, said of her: 'She is unbearable, annoying, with a vain schoolgirl personality.'

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16. According to historian Ben Pimlott, it seems that the queen did not like to wear the famous hats: 'They make me look like a sheep,' she confessed.

17. She posed for over 140 official portraits, including paintings and photographs. The favorite was the 2000 one, signed by John Wonnacott, with four generations of Windsors. Pietro Annigoni, on the other hand, is the Italian who portrayed her in 1954: it took eight months and twelve sessions to get the result.

18. She was a huge Arsenal fan, the only team received at Buckingham Palace for tea (2007). The Spaniard Fàbregas, the Gunners' strong point at the time, said: 'He knew about football.'

19. During a visit to New Zealand, she was targeted by egg tosses. And she, seraphic: «Here too I ordered eggs for breakfast».

twenty. She had four dogs left, out of over 30 she had had in a lifetime: the Corgi Candy and Muick, the Dorgi Sandy and Lissy, a cocker spaniel. She had recently given her son Andrea to him the first two of her, in exchange for a promise: when she was gone, she would take care of them with her daughters Eugenia and Beatrice.

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twenty-one. He hated Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Royal watchers say a call to Buckingham Palace once went from Downing Street. They wanted to know what color of dress she would wear in the gala that same evening: 'Just so they don't show up dressed alike.' Her reply was succinct: 'The queen does not discuss her clothes with her subjects.' On another occasion, Thatcher ended up giving the queen two pairs of kitchen gloves. She was horrified that she washed the dishes herself and with her bare hands after a dinner.

22. Another maxim of His Majesty: 'Let's not take ourselves too seriously, no one has a monopoly on wisdom.'

23. Your favorite comedian? The controversial Ali G, a character created by actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

24. To reporter Piers Morgan, who asked her if she enjoyed garden parties at Buckingham Palace, she replied: 'Would you like to have thousands of strangers trample your garden?'

25. For official banquets, he personally took care of every detail. Including lights and microphones, hidden among the floral arrangements at the table.

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26. The queen always knew everything first of all. According to her third son Andrea, she succeeded thanks to a network of 'spies' unknown even to her children.

27. At his ripe age, he was still studying and updating himself on everything, especially in the technological field. In 1976, while visiting a barracks, he was the first monarch to send an email.

28. He loved Scottish country. Over the summers at Balmoral, he gave dances known as Gillies Balls for the castle staff and the local community.

29. Surprised by a storm in 1981, near Bristol, His Majesty knocked on the door of a local B&B. And her astonished manager reserved her private apartment for her. Dickie Arbiter says, “Her Majesty has never changed. But she knew how to adapt ».

30. In 2003, during Putin's visit, Interior Minister David Blunkett's dog barked at the Russian leader and stuck his paws. Majesty's reaction to him: 'Dogs have interesting instincts, don't they?' Sovereign irony. Like her, no more.

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