Elizabeth of England and that passion for horses ... which earned her 9 million

'Raising them is like putting a tap in your wallet', joked the sovereign, usually very careful with money. Yet she has never spared any expense for the steeds. Because she had a goal: to win at races. And she did, and how

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In seventy years there have been 3,441 races, won 566 times. The best year was 2021: 36 victories and 550,000 pounds (more than 600,000 euros) in prizes. Also taking stock of the reign of Elizabeth II, the Spanish newspaper The country he did the accounts in the pocket of the sovereign. And in particular, she has discovered that her greatest passion for her, alongside her passion for dogs, that is, for horses, has also brought her earnings. And not just big expenses - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

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THE FOUNDER OF THE SCUDERIA - The family passion for horses was inaugurated by Elizabeth's grandfather, George V, who had not only changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, which was hardly suited to a British monarchy that had just defeated the German Empire in World War I, in Windsor. But he had also founded the first royal racing team. It was he who also chose the colors: the purple cloak, the red sleeves and the black cap with gold edges.

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THE FIRST PONY AT FOUR YEARS OLD - It was the second son, George VI, who later ascended the throne for the abdication of Edward VIII, who inherited his passion and passed it on to Elizabeth, who rode her first pony at the age of four. The mother of the future sovereign, who was called Elizabeth like her, instead had a passion for gambling which, in wartime, were illegal, but which were then legalized and became a big business, to the advantage, first of all, of the They patron , William Hill.

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HE EARNED US! - There is no doubt that Elisabetta's passion was expensive: a stallion came to cost 70 million euros. 'Raising racehorses,' the queen once said, 'is like putting a tap in your wallet.' But, as rich as she is, Elizabeth has never been inclined to overspend and so she took advantage of the sale of her stallions or their 'rent' to earn, he calculates. The country , almost 9 million euros at present value in 70 years. To these are added, in fact, the prizes for victories. To assist her in this very complicated business was first the seventh Earl of Carnavon, grandson of the discoverer of the tomb of Tutankamon. Then John Warren, his son-in-law, whose private stables are in the Highclere family castle, which is the magnificent home made famous all over the world by the series Downton Abbey .

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