Elizabeth of England appoints the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss. And she looks more fragile and thin than ever ...

The sovereign receives the new chief executive at Balmoral Castle and not at Buckingham Palace. It is the first time of her in 70 years of reign. Her health problems seem to be getting worse, despite the reassurances of the Palace. And that purple hand ...

  Queen Elizabeth Receives Outgoing And Incoming PMs At Balmoral Elizabeth of England receives Liz Truss at Balmoral Photo Video

More fragile, thinner, more and more curved. Despite her big smile and her lively eyes, the queen did not look as great as her usual. Yesterday you gave the task of forming the government to her 15th prime minister, conservative Liz Truss, and rewrote history. For the first time in her 70-year reign, her premier was not received at Buckingham Palace, but at Balmoral, Scotland, where Elizabeth is on vacation. Too tiring, they decided to doctors, have her travel to London and then have her return to the castle. And so it was her premier who went to her. For the first time Her Majesty put her health first - Photo | video

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THE STICK AND THE WHEELCHAIR - The published photos of the meeting with Truss show the queen in one of her lounges in Balmoral. Behind her the lit fireplace, candelabra, an antique clock and fresh flowers. A very intimate room, which for the first time welcomes a prime minister. Elizabeth is wearing a blouse, a gray cardigan and a tartan tartan skirt. In addition to the inevitable handbag (she does not let go even when she goes around the house), she also holds the stick, which she recently cannot do without. The mobility problems that force her practically not to leave the residence have plagued her for months. It is said that she privately uses a wheelchair but that she does not want to be seen by her fragile subjects. The main discomfort seems to be the pain in her back and joints. But no one knows how the queen really is despite the constant assurances of Buckingham Palace.

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THE WASTE HAND - Her Majesty's right hand appeared covered with purple bruises (look), as had already happened to her left hand in 2019. It is probably a case of senile purpura, a condition that causes bruising due to greater fragility of the capillaries and vessels blood due to age. Usually the hematoma disappears in a few weeks. However, it could also be the result of needles or cannulae inserted under the skin, perhaps for a blood sample or for an infusion. But the Palace, of course, avoids giving explanations.

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THE FUTURE - Elizabeth is expected to finish her holiday in Scotland in October and return to Windsor. But the conditional is a must because in recent times all the programs have been upset. For example, the queen did not participate in the Braemar Games, one of her favorite summer events, sending Carlo and Camilla in her place. Her last public engagement was in July, with her daughter Anna and her subjects began to wonder what the real conditions of her health were. That's why the photo in which she meets Truss was so important to the British. At 96, the queen must be preserved. It is very likely that she will lead her meetings into the living room or via Zoom and that it will be very difficult to see her outside of her residences. Her children are next to her and William and Kate have moved near Windsor to be close to her. All signs of a progressive withdrawal from public life.

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