Elizabeth of England could nominate the premier from Scotland. Britain anxious about her health

Doctors advised the queen against making the journey to London. And the subjects are also worried about Carlo's unplanned visits to his mother

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Great Britain is anxious about Queen Elizabeth's health: doctors would have advised her against traveling from Balmoral Castle to London. And so, for the first time, the sovereign could appoint the new prime minister from Scotland. - Photo | Photo 1 | video

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VISITS OF CARLO - The queen has been spending a month's holidays at the Scottish castle. On 6 September she is expected at Buckingham Palace for the appointment of the prime minister. But it is likely that he will not go there. In fact, she reveals a voice to the Sun : “The queen was advised not to travel, but obviously no one tells her what to do. She will decide. And as we saw when she made her third appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the Jubilee, she likes surprises ”. Thus, the appointment could take place directly in Scotland. What worries her subjects are her health conditions and she also looks with perplexity at the frequent unplanned visits that her son Carlo makes.

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DO YOU WANT TO DO IT - The queen had already given up on important institutional commitments, the last time just at the opening of the Platinum Jubilee at St Paul's Cathedral. And earlier at the Parliament Opening Ceremony. It was Carlo, on her occasions, who replaced her. But the queen wants to take care of such a delicate task personally, at the cost of doing it from Scotland. The names in the pipeline as the next new premier are those of Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss.

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