Elizabeth of England, everything you need to know about the queen's funeral: here's what will happen minute by minute

This is the first state funeral since Winston Churchill's in 1965. London will be totally blocked by an unprecedented procession, with thousands of members of the armed forces, bands, bagpipes and cannons. And 4 billion viewers worldwide

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A majestic ceremonial, an unprecedented parade involving all the armed forces, military bands, the guardians of the Tower of London, the bagpipes so loved by Elizabeth. It will be a solemn spectacle, planned by her Majesty in person. The funeral will be seen by over 4 billion people worldwide, more than a million are expected on the streets of London, which will be completely blocked. About 2,000 VIP guests, including our president Giorgio Mattarella. Tomorrow there will be a special vigil in the Palace of Westminster. All the Queen's grandchildren will gather in front of the coffin and Prince Harry will be allowed to wear military uniform - Photo | all videos

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FROM PARLIAMENT TO ABBEY - At 7.30 on Monday 19th the doors of the funeral home will be closed. At 11.35. It will be the Royal Navy (Philip was a sailor and he was very proud of it), to load the coffin on the cannon chariot which was also used for the funerals of Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill. The royal marines will be lined up along the way, the procession will be led by the bagpipes and drums of the Scottish and Irish regiments. Behind the coffin will walk the family, King Charles, his brothers and also William and Harry, side by side. The health workers of the National Health Service will also follow, as a thank you for the efforts made during the pandemic. At 11.52 am the coffin will arrive at the gates of Westminster Abbey and will be transported inside, on a bier, for the state funeral.

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THE PROCESSION - The ceremony is officiated by the Dean of Westminster and begins precisely at noon. The sermon is recited by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At 12.55 pm two minutes of silence will be observed, not only in the church but throughout the nation and throughout the Commonwealth. At 1 pm the coffin is returned to the wagon and a procession begins that takes the queen to Wellington Arch. In Hyde Park a cannon volley will be fired every minute, Big Ben will offer its chimes, thousands of members of the armed forces accompany the coffin greeted from the crowd. The parade is divided into seven separate sections, each with its own military band. This is the first state funeral since Churchill's in 1965. The procession will pass through Whitehall and arrive at Buckingham Palace for the last time. The Queen consort and the Princess of Wales will follow in the car, in a second car there will be Meghan Markle and the Countess of Wessex. At 1 pm the body will be loaded onto the hearse for the last journey to the burial site: Windsor.

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THE GUESTS - With a few exceptions, presidents, heads of state, ambassadors and crowned heads will gather at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and will reach the abbey in minibuses. Only a few countries have been banned from the palace: Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela and Myanmar. The invitation to Chinese President Xi Jinping criticized by some members of parliament. Embarrassment for the participation of the former king of Spain Juan Carlos, overwhelmed by scandals. It is estimated that there will be over 4 billion viewers worldwide.

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NEXT TO BELOVED FILIPPO - No less magnificent will be the Windsor procession, where the coffin will arrive at 4 pm The honor guard of the Grenadier Guards will welcome the sovereign in front of St. George's chapel where there will be a short ceremony for 800 people, almost all family members and members of the staff of the royal residences. Before the coffin is placed in the royal vault, the underground crypt, the imperial crown, scepter and orb will be removed. At 8.30 pm a short private function, only for family members, will give the last farewell to the queen, who will then be buried in the private chapel of King George VI, her father, next to her mother, sister and beloved Philip.

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