Elizabeth of England, from the code sentence to the sign displayed at Buckingham Palace: what happens when the queen dies

The plan is called London Bridge, it was developed in the 60s and leaves nothing to chance. The first person to know will be Prime Minister Liz Truss. And then…

 elizabeth-london-bridge-1920 Elizabeth of England, the last balcony during the Jubilee Photo Video

London Bridge has fallen, in English London Bridge is down : it is expected that it is with these words that the British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who has just taken office (or rather: just appointed by the Queen herself), will learn of the death of Queen Elizabeth. - Photo | video

Fear for Elizabeth of England: doctors are 'worried'. William, Harry and Carlo fly to her - guard

THE SECRETARY - Nothing is left to chance, everything is codified: the prime minister is notified by his personal secretary, Sir Christopher Geid, on a confidential telephone line. Should he die in Balmoral, Scotland, the Scottish ritual would be triggered, namely Operation Unicorn, which first of all provides for the immediate suspension of work in the Scottish Parliament.

Elizabeth of England appoints the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss. And she looks more fragile and thin than ever ... - guard

EDINBURGH, CENTER OF THE WORLD - Edinburgh would become the center of the world. The Parliament, which is based in the neighborhood of Holyrood, the palace of Holyroodhouse (the Scottish residence of the queen) and the cathedral of St. Giles would become a triangle besieged by hundreds of thousands of subjects (and journalists from all over the world) .

Elizabeth of England and Kate Middleton, find the differences ... if you can - guard

ON THE TRAIN - Holyroodhouse will house the funeral home, while the coffin will be brought to St. Giles along the ancient Royal Mile. The coffin of the sovereign will then be transported to London aboard the Royal Train. This is a plan developed in the 1960s. The crisis unit of the British Foreign Ministry (the famous Foreign Office ) a message will be sent to Commonwealth governments, then foreign prime ministers (and ambassadors) will be informed. At the same time, an official will come out of a door of Buckingham Palace (already framed by the cameras of almost all the English newspapers), will cut through the courtyard and will attach a mourning notice on the gate, which will stand out on a black background on the official website of the Crown.

Elizabeth of England 'skips' mass in St Paul's Cathedral. But on the balcony of Buckingham Palace she made history - guard

THEN IT'S THE BBC - The BBC will activate the broadcast Radio Alert Transmission System , reserved for the disappearance of the royal figures. Presenter Huw Edwards has already put on the black tie. The header of the site is also black.

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